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    Choose a dedicated server.

    Choose your Hosting
    Hosting Plan
    • 24x7 Remote Hands & Spares
    • Un-Capped Internet Ports
    • 1 Static IP Address Included
    • Remote Power Management
    • Bandwidth Graphing
    • Active DoS & DDoS Protection
    Hosting Pro  100 Mbps Internet Port ($34 /Mo.)
    Hosting Elite  1,000 Mbps Internet Port ($54 /Mo.)

    Additional Public IP Addesses ($2/Mo.)
    Choose your OS
    Choose Your OS
    The Mac mini is a powerful Intel hardware platform that we can be configured with any Operating System. All options are 64-bit. Contact us for information on additional choices.

    OSX Server is available from the App Store as an add-on (Currently $19.99)
    Non OSX Operating Systems may require additional provisioning time to activate.
    Windows OS licenses must be provided by subscriber.
    External Storage - USB
    External Storage
    Add an External USB 3.0 Hard Disc Drive. These drives are perfect for making backups, or expanding your system drive capacity.

    External 1TB USB HDD  1TB 2.5" 5400 RPM USB 3.0 ($10.00)
    External 2TB USB HDD  2TB 2.5" 5400 RPM USB 3.0 ($20.00)
    External 4TB USB HDD  4TB 3.5" 5400 RPM USB 3.0 ($50.00)
    External Storage - Network
    External Storage
    Add a dedicated NAS or EMC Symmetrix SAN storage to your Mac mini(s). A single storage volume can be shared across multiple Mac minis. Connectivity is provided via a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet connection. Contact us for additional information.
    DEDICATED NAS SEND YOURS  (4 to 8 Bays) NAS Colocation ($75.00)
    DEDICATED NAS 6TB  QNAP NAS (4x2TB RAID-5) ($175.00)
    DEDICATED NAS 12TB  QNAP NAS (4x4TB RAID-5) ($300.00)
    DEDICATED NAS 25TB  QNAP NAS (8x4TB RAID-5) ($400.00)
    GPU Enabler : Display Port  GPU Enabler Rental ($2.00)
    GPU Enabler : HDMI Port  GPU Enabler Rental ($2.00)
    Managed Cisco ASA Firewall  Cisco ASA Managed Firewall ($50.00)
    Managed Cisco ACE Load Balancer  Cisco ACE Load Balancer ($50.00)