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Choose your Colocation options.

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Hosting Plan
  • 24x7 Remote Hands & Spares
  • Un-Capped Internet Ports
  • 1 Static IP Address Included
  • Remote Power Management
  • Bandwidth Graphing
  • Active DoS & DDoS Protection
Pro Hosting  100 Mbps Internet Port ($34 /Mo.)
Elite Hosting  1,000 Mbps Internet Port ($54 /Mo.)
Elite Quad Hosting  Quad GigaBit + PCI Fibre ($89 /Mo.)

Additional Public IP Addresses ($2/Mo.)
Choose your OS
Choose Your OS
The Mac mini is a powerful Intel hardware platform that we can be configured with any Operating System. All options are 64-bit. Contact us for information on additional choices.

OSX Server is available from the App Store as an add-on (Currently $19.99)
Non OSX Operating Systems may require additional provisioning time to activate.
Windows OS licenses must be provided by subscriber.
External Storage - USB
External Storage
Add an External USB 3.0 Hard Disc Drive. These drives are perfect for making backups, or expanding your system drive capacity.

USB HDD : 1TB External ($10.00)
USB HDD : 2TB External ($15.00)
USB HDD : 4TB External ($30.00)
External Storage - Network
External Storage
Add a dedicated NAS or EMC Symmetrix SAN storage to your Mac mini(s). A single storage volume can be shared across multiple Mac minis. Connectivity is provided via a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet connection. Contact us for additional information.
Colocation : NAS (8-Bay) ($75.00)
NAS : Dedicated 6TB RAID5 ($175.00)
NAS : Dedicated 12TB RAID5 ($300.00)
NAS : Dedicated 25TB RAID5 ($400.00)
Hosting Plan
Take advantage of a Cisco Firewall (Adaptive Security Appliance) for ingress traffic control, VPN, and site to site tunneling at up to 650Mbps.
Firewall : Managed Cisco ASA ($50.00)
Firewall : Dedicated Cisco ASA 5520 ($125.00)
Firewall : Dedicated Cisco ASA 5540 ($175.00)
GPU Enabler dongle included with all servers.
Load Balancer : Cisco ACE Managed Instance  Cisco ACE Load Balancer ($50.00)