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Often times subscribers wonder if Hosting Elite (Gigabit) connectivity is ‘really’ full Gigabit, and is it ‘really’ 10x faster than our Hosting Pro 100Mbps package… The answer is YES! Hosting Elite is truly a full duplex Gigabit (1,000Mbps) Ethernet feed to the Internet. Better yet, just like our Hosting Pro 100Mbps package, we do NOT cap, groom, or charge any sort of usage fees on your connection.

Hosting Elite network feeds to each Mac mini host are facilitated via a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet port on a Cisco 4948-10G switch, which has redundant 10G uplinks to each of our Cisco 6500 Core switches.  From there , connectivity is directly to our 50Gbps DWDM metro transport network.

To better provide some real world Internet performance test results we have compiled a complete an “Around The Globe” speed test compilation based on the Ookla Speedtest.net Internet benchmarking site.

Internet performance benchmark results are always subject to various factors including the network performance & availability of the remote Host as well as the Internet transport network performance & availability between MacStadium and that remote Host.

In general, due to the limitations which are created by the speed of light, the further your remote Host is geographically located away from MacStadium, the higher your latency (PING time measured in thousandths of a second) will be.

Additionally, long geographic distances will also decrease your odds of actually achieving full 1,000Mbps performance because the route which each data packet travels around the Earth will become more complicated as it travels from one transport network to another – until it ultimately reaches its destination at that remote Host.

Test Location Provider Mbps Down Mbps Up PING (ms)
Atlanta, GA – USA Spirit 933 833 0
Miami, FL. – USA TowerStream 932 681 14
Washington DC  – USA Speedtest.net 712 811 15
NewYork, NY – USA TowerStream 915 811 18
Boston, MA – USA Comcast 834 730 37
Chicago, IL – USA Comcast 920 778 23
Houston, TX – USA SoftLayer 673 788 28
Los Angelas, CA – USA DreamHost 805 721 66
Seattle, WA – USA Comcast 913 698 70
Honolulu – HI – USA WizTech 198 316 112
Mexico City – Mexico Grupo Lusacell 770 631 31
London – UK Vodafone 668 220 97
Paris – France Neotelcoms 553 443 98
Madrid – Spain Orange 209 102 109
Rome – Italy Telecom Italia 218 322 124
Stockholm – Sweden Tele2 278 89 132
Riyadh – Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom 129 66 169
Santiago – Chile Entel 196 175 122

The results we are posting here are based on the actual benchmarks as represented in the video. In every geographic region, there are multiple Speedtest Hosts available, and they all perform differently at different times of the day. Some Hosts are faster, and some Hosts are slower. These performance results are just a sampling to provide some idea of what to expect.