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Common Questions

Why do you need my credit card for a free trial?

We ask for your credit card so that your subscription can continue uninterrupted at the end of the free trial, should you decide not to cancel. It allows us to prevent fraudulent orders. Our customer service can then focus on delivering great support rather than managing unpaid subscriptions.

Why was my credit card denied?

Unfortunately, the automated credit card verification system was unable to confirm your credit card. That means we’ll have to manually verify your payment method. The best way to do so is by contacting our billing department via email at billing@macstadium.com. We’ll respond promptly during business hours to help you get signed up.

Can I add subscriptions to my existing account?

Absolutely. There is a Login Now text link at the top of the page that will open a prompt for you to enter your login credentials. Any new subscriptions created while logged in will be added to your account.

Can I signup for multiple servers on my existing account here?

You could order each one consecutively, but to expedite the process, we recommend you open a support ticket with the details of your bulk ordering request. We can get everything from hardware configuration to operating systems and IP addresses figured out at once and you can get back to work while we bulk-provision your requested servers.

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