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Colo Configuration Guide

Tips for preparing your Mac server for colocation

Static IP Address Configuration

Set Manual IP address

Open Apple Menu, and choose System Preferences:

  • Network
  • Select Ethernet on left sidebar (or create the connection)
  • Under Configure IPv4, select Manually
    • Enter the IP Address assigned to you
    • Enter the Subnet Mask assigned to you
    • Enter the Router / Gateway assigned to you

Use MacStadium DNS

  • Under DNS
    • Click the + Sign
      • Enter
      • Enter

Disable local wireless radios

  • Click Wi-Fi
    • Click ‘Turn Wi-Fi Off‘
    • Uncheck ‘Ask to join new networks’
    • Uncheck ‘Show Wi-Fi status in menu bar’
  • Click Bluetooth
    • Click ‘Turn Bluetooth Off‘

Other Recommended Settings

Desktop & Screen Saver

  • Set your background color to a solid color, or Black.
  • Set your screen saver to ‘never’


  • Check “Disable remote control IR receiver”.
  • In Users & Groups, select Login Options. Choose Name and password for the Display login window as: radio button.
  • Also, uncheck Show the Sleep, Restart, and Shut Down buttons.


  • Show All > Bluetooth
    • Click Advanced
    • Uncheck “Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant”
    • Click Ok
    • Uncheck the “On” checkbox in the main Bluetooth window.

Energy Saver

  • Display Sleep
    • Set to Never
  • Computer Sleep
    • Set to Never
  • Uncheck “Put the hard disks to sleep when possible”
  • Check “Wake for Ethernet network administrator access”
  • Uncheck “Allow power button to sleep the computer”
  • Check “Restart automatically after a power failure”
  • Click Schedule
    • Set Start up or wake Every day at 4AM (in case you ever accidentally shut your mac down permanently)


  • Check “Screen Sharing”
    • Check “Allow access for All Users”
    • If you are using a firewall, ensure you open Port 5900 to allow for Screen Sharing access
  • Check ‘Remote Login’ (for SSH)
    • Check “Allow access for All Users”
    • If you are using a firewall, ensure you open Port 22 to allow for SSH access