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MacStadium is the leading provider of Apple Mac cloud solutions for organizations of all sizes. MacStadium, a Summit Partners portfolio company, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with growing operations in Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and Dublin, Ireland.

  • >3,000 customers
  • >20,000 Macs racked in global data centers
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
  • Data centers: Atlanta, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Dublin
  • >100 employees
  • MacStadium Established: 2012
  • Macminicolo Established: 2005
  • MacStadium acquired Macminicolo: 2016
  • Awards: Inc 500, Deloitte Fast 500
  • Partners: VMware Enterprise Partner
  • Investors: Summit Partners, Noro Moseley Partners

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“We’re huge fans of Apple - they make incredible hardware, and we have been making it easier for developers and DevOps teams to get access to it for almost a decade! We continue to see a growing demand for Mac clouds and dedicated Macs on a global scale.”  
- Greg McGraw, CEO, MacStadium
“MacStadium started our business by making Mac minis available as a service almost a decade ago. We’re thrilled to see Apple continuing to invest in this exceptional hardware platform.”  
- Brian Stucki, VP, MacStadium and founder of Macminicolo
“MacStadium is proud to support iOS and Mac app developers by making genuine Apple hardware available in the cloud for teams that don’t want to manage physical infrastructure in-house.”
- Greg McGraw, CEO, MacStadium  
“As DevOps has found its way into iOS and Mac app development, we’ve seen a growing demand for Mac clouds and dedicated Macs. We’re certain that we’re still in the early days of this trend.”  
- Greg McGraw, CEO, MacStadium
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