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MacStadium in the news.

Vice Motherboard

"MacStadium says it buys hundreds of Mac Pros a month... The demand among developers who have to compile a lot of code for their iOS apps is just that high."

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Data Center Dynamics

"MacStadium runs Apple hardware in its data centers. That’s a surprisingly sensible thing to do."

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Apple Newsroom

"[MacStadium] manages nearly 8,000 Mac mini systems in co-location data centers for a wide range of developers — from small startups to some of the most valuable companies in the Fortune 500."

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"Apple wasn’t joking when it said companies had endless Mac minis on racks used as servers. In addition to Mac minis, MacStadium also has racks of 2013 Mac Pros, and the company recently introduced some iMac Pros to their setups."

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Snazzy Labs

"Snazzy Labs visits a company that takes Mac mini and Mac Pro to the next level! Check out MacStadium (not sponsored)"

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Slash Gear

"[The iMac Pro server rack] is a clever solution from a company that has already demonstrated it has some imagination when it comes to irregularly-sized systems."

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"Take a look at what companies like MacStadium are doing by hosting Macs for developers in data centers. This is exactly what Apple needs to do..."

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Vice Motherboard

“[MacStadium] has an important niche, underlined by the fact that it has patented its own server infrastructure specifically designed to hold Mac minis and Mac Pros…”

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The Mac Observer

"...the iMac Pro rack lets MacStadium offer remote access to the powerful capabilities of Apple’s newest Mac in a way that fits their existing equipment infrastructure."

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"MacStories runs on a Mac mini at MacStadium (and before they were bought by MacStadium in 2016, at Macminicolo). It's a setup we've used for years and it's always been fast and reliable."

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“If I’m an Apple developer, even at the corporate level, who needs to build apps on a budget, the ability to use MacStadium’s contract-less offering will let me prototype and build apps without the upfront investment.”

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Cult of Mac

"Using these tiny powerhouses in a new type of data center is MacStadium’s effort to turn the Mac platform into a viable server option for the business world."

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“Needless to say, it’s certainly an exciting time for hosting and colocation with the announcement of the all-new Mac Pro.”

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"Apple mentioned MacStadium, a Mac-based enterprise cloud services provider that uses 8,000 Mac mini systems hosted in co-location centers worldwide. (Shopify uses this provider)."

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