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More than just a Mac and an ethernet port

Rapid Scaling & Deployment

Do you need 100 Apple servers in 24 hours? No Problem! Take advantage of our standard month to month terms, volume discounts, and large inventory of Apple hardware. We stock hundreds of Apple Mac servers at all times to ensure we can support your businesses expected and unexpected growth requirements.

Host Imaging

When it’s time to scale your MacStadium server farm or update your existing servers with new code revisions, we are here to make it happen in a snap. We take care of all the logistics including host (HDD or SSD) imaging, host configuration, and QA testing as part of our standard service offering to our volume customers.

Engineering & Advisory

We understand your team may not have end-to-end hosting and Cloud expertise. With an in-depth analysis of your business goals and requirements, our team of sales consultants and engineers can help you develop and execute a customized, holistic strategy to utilize MacStadium solutions to drive not just savings, but revenue and growth.

Strategy & Roadmap

A partnership with our engineering and support team will ensure proper infrastructure options are being considered and tested prior to production, and long term scalability factors are being addressed for your environment both at the on-set, but also ongoing as your business scales.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

The cost of downtime for many enterprises can be catastrophic. We work with your IT staff to develop end to end active DR solutions which fit into your existing LAN/WAN strategy. Most often, the DR site at MacStadium is actively replicating your remote office locations via secured VPN tunnels, and is available for remote access for your staff 24×7.

East/West & Transport

MacStadium offers U.S.-based customers East coast and West coast solutions for Mac hosting for the best quality of service you and your customers can expect. We operate IP interconnections between our Points of Presence as well as to public IP transport networks around the globe allowing for private network transport at up to 10Gbps.

Private Cloud

MacStadium delivers the world’s first VMware-powered Private Cloud solutions built with genuine Apple hardware, capable of virtualizing any OS including macOS. Our Enterprise class Private cloud solutions are perfect for many environments, from multi OS software development thru to mission critical production environments where 100% uptime and infinite scalability is required.

Dedicated Hosts

Security, reliability, flexibility. All MacStadium servers are 100% dedicated to just you and not shared. This ensures that you to take full advantage of the CPUs, GPUs, and RAM of each system which is sure to meet and exceed your requirements – regardless of the operating system you choose to deploy.

Network Storage (SAN & NAS)

Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions are available on-demand from EMC and NetApp via FiberChannel, NFS, and iSCSI in 1TB increments, up to 150TB. SAN solutions distribute A+B storage redundancy over hundreds of SSD, SAS, or SATA drives front-ended with Flash Cache to provide optimal performance and redundancy. For lower performance solutions, take advantage of dedicated NAS devices utilizing SATA drives in RAID5 configurations in 6TB, 12TB, and 25TB increments.

Load Balancing

Built into our core switching infrastructure is a Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) solution. Scale your cluster and increase capacity when you need it. The load balancer sends your visitors’ requests to available servers. If a server fails, it is automatically removed from the cluster—improving overall application availability.

Firewall & VPN

Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) firewall clusters are the foundation of a secure hosting solution. They act as a filter between your servers and the Internet in order to block malicious traffic. We offer both managed (shared) and dedicated solutions for encrypted Site to Site VPN tunnels, Dial-Up VPN, and the most advanced firewall feature sets. Learn more.

Active DoS & DDoS Protection

All subscriptions are covered by world class active DoS & DDoS protection propelled by the latest generation Arbor® Networks Peakflow TMS, which instantly detects threats and surgically removes the DDoS traffic without disruption, ensuring minimal impact to services. Learn more.

If you don’t see something that fits your needs, contact us. We’ve developed unique and one-off solutions for many customers and we’re sure we can help you as well.

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