Daylite Server Hosting

Reliable and cost-effective

One of the benefits that a cloud-hosted Mac has is the always-available nature of a server in a data center. That means services like Daylite Server can be fully utilized for your business productivity. Daylite keeps businesses running by constantly syncing everything you do between all of your devices. Read more on their website.

The benefit that MacStadium provides Daylite users is a hosted Mac server running Daylite Server in a data center rather than in a closet. More than fast networking and upgrade-ability, it’s peace of mind that users get when they use a Mac server at MacStadium.

If your entire business runs on a Mac, the best place for it is at MacStadium where you can setup daily backups on external media and to 3rd party services, have access to 24/7 remote hands support (for free), and the flexibility to access it from anywhere in the world securely over the internet.


Daylite Self-Serve

At MacStadium, you have access to a variety of hardware solutions to support the size and scale of your business. Start with a Mac mini then move to a Mac Pro when your business doubles in size. Our trained agents are ready to clone your machine onto more powerful hardware 24/7 at no extra cost.

Buy Daylite for Self-Serve

Installing Daylite Server onto a Mac mini

By having your own remote Mac mini server hosted at MacStadium, you open the door to limitless applications and uses. Looking at the trend in small business functions, many owners and managers are looking to have full control over their own remote services such as email server…

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