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Secure, reliable, and scalable Mac clouds.

We place the highest priority on security, which is why some of the world's largest banks and most innovative financial apps rely on MacStadium for their Mac cloud computing needs.

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Move your app development to the cloud with confidence.

We understand the importance of online and mobile banking to today's consumers. With MacStadium, you don't need to compromise security or convenience while building an industry-leading app for your iOS users.

Custom Mac build environments.

With multiple hardware, storage, and virtualization configurations available, your MacStadium private cloud environment can be custom-designed to meet the needs of your development team. Let your Mac and iOS developers focus on building great software without the worry of managing, maintaining, and securing the Apple hardware on-premises.

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Private clouds on dedicated Apple hardware.

Each Mac server deployed in our private clouds is dedicated to one customer. We never create multi-tenant environments on our Apple hardware, which provides an intrinsic level of isolation and security. You get root access to every machine and can configure them as you wish. We encourage our customers to lock MacStadium personnel out of their firewalls and hosts for ultimate security.

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Internationally recognized certifications.

MacStadium is certified to the highest level of cloud security and data privacy with ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certifications, SOC 1, 2, and 3, and Privacy Shield. The company and our data centers are independently certified to meet these international standards, and our security practices are equivalent or better than major cloud providers.

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Firewalls and network security.

MacStadium provides an up-to-date Cisco ASA firewall with each of our private clouds. The firewall is set up by your team with your specifications and can enable VPNs, white-listed IP ranges, and more. See all traffic to and from your firewall with our monitoring system that will alert you to unusual host or network activity.

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Options for additional layers of security.

Need to satisfy more stringent security requirements outlined by your organization? Let us know. We can physically isolate your Mac hosts in locked cages within our secure data centers. or add IP cameras and IP locks for extra security. Keep your traffic off the public internet by using our direct connect services to other cloud providers.

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Ready to get started?

MacStadium has repeatedly and thoroughly satisfied the security requirements of development teams from major US, European, and South American financial institutions. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization.