Bare Metal Mac Cloud from MacStadium

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From one Mac to thousands, bare metal Macs from MacStadium are the perfect solution for your Mac cloud needs. Customize, deploy, and access your Mac cloud instantly online.

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Get started now. Easily scale as you grow.

With your MacStadium account, deploy minis in minutes and get immediate access. Manage and grow your cloud through our portal or contact us for infinite scalability. Add virtualization, storage, and a firewall for a complete virtual private cloud built on Mac minis. Get started instantly with the latest cloud-hosted Mac mini with M2.

Dedicated Hardware

Yes, you are getting access to real Apple Macs in your MacStadium cloud. Each machine is 100% dedicated to your project or team.

Infinite Scalability

Start with one Mac and only pay for what you need right now. As your needs grow, you can easily change, grow, and customize your solution.

Enterprise Security

Our data centers employ a wide-range of advanced security measures and have internationally recognized certifications.

Cloud Connectivity

Network multiple servers together behind a firewall, connect to another cloud, or extend your existing on-prem environment.

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