Mac Studio

Mac Studio.

Uniquely powerful processing and peak performance for professional users.

Mac Studio powered by M1 Max or M1 Ultra.

Powered by either M1 Max or M1 Ultra, Mac Studio has more unified memory than any other Mac. Based on customer interest, the MacStadium team of experts has selected and stocked two different Mac Studio configurations to cover a variety of use cases.

M1 Max

M1 Max is designed for professional users who want premium performance. More powerful than the Mac mini and much less expensive than the 2019 Mac Pro, the Mac Studio is a great option for powering through CPU and GPU-intensive processes faster than ever. Expect faster builds and deploys to keep your team focused on innovation.

  • 10 CPU cores
  • 32 GPU cores
  • 64GB of unified memory
  • 2TD SSD

M1 Ultra

M1 Ultra combines the processing power of two M1 Max chips with Apple’s new UltraFusion architecture. As the newest and most powerful machine, M1 Ultra can handle more, larger projects with incredible speed and performance.

  • 20 CPU cores
  • 64 GPU cores
  • 128GB of unified memory
  • 4TB SSD

Supercharge your Mac private cloud.

Mac Studio has more unified memory than any other Mac. The MacStadium team has Mac Studio machines in multiple configurations, available for our Mac cloud users.

M1 migration

MacStadium’s free eBook will help guide the way in transitioning your Mac or iOS app build pipeline from Intel to Apple silicon.

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Virtualization with Orka

Accelerate your development process with integrated CI/CD. Orka is the Mac build infrastructure that your team needs.

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Growing? No problem.

With our large inventory, we can expand your cloud quickly and infinitely. Our Mac experts are available around the clock to discuss and plan for your growth. We’ll make the deployment and scale-up of your Mac cloud easy.