MacStadium's Open Source Project

Free, dedicated Mac hosting for open source developers

Encouraging innovation through collaboration is one of MacStadium’s core beliefs. We know that despite finite resources, a lack of hardware, and limited support, tremendously important innovation is happening through free and open source software (FOSS). This is especially the case with iOS & macOS development, which requires expensive Mac hardware that limits the incredible capacities for innovation on Apple products.

To support the FOSS community, MacStadium is offering FREE Mac mini hosting for developers working on open source projects.

By participating in this special program, you can set up your own Mac mini as a build server for your FOSS project(s) and send jobs to and from your local machine. Develop locally while the remote server builds a new version of the app, tests it and sends it back to your local machine.

We have both Intel-based and Apple silicon Mac minis available for open source projects. Need more than just a mini? We will apply an equivalent discount to any of our products that better fits the needs of your free/open source project.

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Offer Details

Get free use of a Mac mini for your open source project
Includes one Mac mini hosted in one of our US or European data centers (view all of our Mac mini options).

Building or adapting your open source project for Apple silicon?
In addition to Intel-based minis, we have a fleet of M1 minis available for open source use. We want to help important community projects make the move to Apple silicon.

One Mac mini doesn’t meet your needs? No problem!
Open source developers can apply an equivalent discount to an upgraded machine, multiple machines, or any of our hosted Mac products.

Mac mini

Do You Qualify?

In order to be considered for the free use project, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a project lead or a regular contributor.
  2. Project must meet OSI's Open Source Definition.
  3. Open source project may not offer paid sponsorship, or receive funding from commercial companies or organizations (NGO, education, research or governmental). You may not distribute paid versions of your FOSS software. Contributors who are paid to work on the project are not eligible.
  4. The project may provide paid support, consulting or training services.
  5. The open source project has been in active development for a minimum of three months.
  6. The project has an active community.
  7. Updated builds are released on a regular basis.


  1. You may not provide access to the Mac mini to any third party.
  2. You must use the Mac mini solely for open source projects. Personal and third-party use is prohibited.
  3. You must complete a short reapplication every twelve months for us to ensure you are still utilizing our product for an active open source project.
  4. You must provide a logo of your open source project (logo use will be limited to MacStadium promotional material, website, and list of FOSS participants).
  5. We’d love it if you can link to MacStadium or post MacStadium’s badge on your project site as a sponsor or partner.

Ready to get started?

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Data Centers

Mac minis for open source projects are available in both the US (Las Vegas) and Europe (Dublin). Additional data centers are available if you want to upgrade to another solution... just let us know!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Dublin, Ireland

Learn more about our data centers

Common Questions

How do I know if my project is open source?
Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify and enhance. These projects are intended to promote collaboration and sharing because they encourage computer programmers to access, view and modify open source software whenever they like, as long as they let others do the same when they share their work. Find out more here.

I manage an open source project, but our software is not free. Can I still get access to this offer?
Unfortunately, no. This offer is only available to free open source developers.

I manage a free open source project, but we charge users for software services and support. Can I still get access to this offer?
Yes! As long as the software itself is free to use, you qualify for this offer. 

I am a free, open source developer working on multiple projects. Can I receive a Mac mini for each of my projects? 
Unfortunately, there can only be one registered Mac mini per user/project. If a manager for one of the other projects would like to apply for this offer, they are welcome to!

Where will the Mac mini be hosted?
We offer hosting of open source Mac minis where supply is available in our Atlanta, Las Vegas or Dublin locations. If you decide to purchase a private cloud or other product it can be hosted at any of our global data centers.

The Mac minis hosted out of the Dublin data center are priced slightly higher than Mac minis hosted out of the Las Vegas data center. Does this affect the discount or will I still receive a free Mac mini?
Yes, despite price differences, FOSS developers have access to a free Mac mini out of the Dublin data center.

I have a question that is not listed here... what do I do?
No problem! Our sales team is available via live chat or email us at to answer any questions.

How can we do more for the open source community?

We are always looking for better and new ways to support free and open source software projects. If you have suggestions, please reach out to us via email.