Orka Platform

Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple

A virtualization layer created for Mac build infrastructure, Orka Platform allows you to orchestrate macOS in a cloud environment using Kubernetes on genuine Apple hardware.

Orka with CI tools

Move your CI pipeline to the cloud.

Orka Platform brings simplicity and scalability to developers building for Apple devices. Spend less time dealing with operating systems, managing servers, or installing applications, and spend more time building great apps. Orka Platform makes it easy for DevOps teams to support developers using the same Kubernetes-based tools and workflows that they use to support every other development team in the company.

iMac with Monterey illustration

Mac VMs on genuine Apple hardware.

Since iOS, iPad, watchOS, tvOS, and Mac apps can only be compiled and tested on macOS, which only runs on genuine Apple Mac hardware, developers need access to a large pool of Macs to run their CI-driven development pipelines. With Orka Platform, MacStadium users get a software-driven, reliable, and high-performance experience with their MacStadium hardware.

Orka on Apple silicon and Intel

Run builds on Apple silicon, Intel, or both.

Orka Platform users can target builds and tests on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs from the same Orka Platform environment, helping developers transition from one architecture to the other.

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