Orka Roadmap

Coming to Orka.

What's on the Orka roadmap.

We’re continuously building new capabilities that make Orka more powerful, performant, and scalable. The Orka roadmap provides a glimpse into what features are coming up next and what innovative additions we are working toward for the future.

Recently released.

  • Apple silicon support (beta)
  • VM scheduling options
  • Network performance improvements
  • GPU and IO Boost in Orka web UI

In development.

  • Memory sizing for VMs
  • Mixed hardware environments
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Graphana
  • Apple silicon general availability with feature parity to Intel nodes
  • Web UI updates


  • Orka M1 download
  • Hybrid worker node locations
  • Large cluster support enhancements
  • Orka as a custom Kubernetes controller

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