Orka Updates

Orka Platform Updates.

What’s new with Orka Platform?

We’re continuously building new capabilities to make Orka Platform more powerful, performant, and scalable. Orka Platform version 2.4 includes a key Kubernetes upgrade to version 1.24, which offers a more secure and stable product, and several notable user experience updates.

Powered by Kubernetes 1.24

Orka Platform’s virtualization and orchestration layer is now running on Kubernetes 1.24, which provides a more secure, stable product, even if your team does not work with the Kubernetes layer directly.

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Orka Platform support for Ventura is GA

Support for macOS Ventura is now GA. Your team can now build and test on the most up-to-date macOS to leverage its new features.

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Orka Platform fully supports Apple silicon

Apple ARM-based support is now GA. If you haven’t made a plan to transition to Apple silicon hosts, you can read more about Apple’s shift away from Intel-based processors to Apple silicon.

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Report on your Orka Platform cluster and API server with Prometheus 

Collect metrics from your Orka cluster, including host metrics for each node in the cluster and Orka API server metrics, with the help of Prometheus, the open-source monitoring solution.

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More easily identify your VMs with custom metadata

In addition to the default VM metadata, you can also add your own custom metadata during deployment. Custom VM metadata gives you more ways to identify and manage running VMs, in addition to the data visible with list and status operations. 

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Resize disks for optimal storage

Automatically or manually resize disk images to ensure optimal use of your Apple silicon nodes.

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Upgrade your virtualization

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Ready to take advantage of Orka Platform updates? Check out the Orka Upgrades page in the Orka docs to get started.

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