Virtual Command®

Built on MacStadium cloud infrastructure, Virtual Command delivers Mac virtual desktops through a browser to any workstation or device.

What is Virtual Command?

Virtual Command is a patented cloud computing software platform that enables unified access to apps, data, printers, and devices -- anywhere, anytime.

But my company needs macOS-based apps...

Apple's pricing is not always enterprise-friendly, but some apps (like Xcode) must be run on Apple hardware with macOS. Running macOS virtual machines (VMs) is one way to solve this problem, but a VM solution can be expensive, it doesn't always perform at peak, and it requires in-house expertise with systems like VMware.

How does Virtual Command solve those challenges?

With Virtual Command, users can access their Mac desktop with all of their apps from any OS. Admin functions are streamlined for ease of use, and Virtual Command includes comprehensive file management and anywhere printing without the need for third-party tools.

Virtual Command Use-Case Scenario

Before Virtual Command

Before - Without Virtual Command

  • Multi-step, multi-phase process requiring multiple resources
  • One user per host
  • Manual setup and configuration
  • User controls accessibility
  • Per server/month billing
After Virtual Command

After - With Virtual Command

  • Easy-to-use, web-based platform
  • Connect from any device running any OS
  • No client install required
  • Self-service portal
  • Administrator controls access
  • Single sign-on
  • Active directory integration
  • Usage tracking and reporting
  • Multiple users per host
  • Secure capacity -- no publicly exposed IPs
Virtual Command - Desktop

How does it work?

  • Have an internet-connected device with any OS
  • Launch your fully-customizable macOS desktop
Virtual Command - Reporting

What about reporting?

  • Track history and usage on-demand
  • Measure usage to accurately gauge future user needs