VMware to Orka

The end of VMware + Mac

“VMware currently [has] no plans to support Apple Mac silicon. Moving forward, vSphere ESXi 7.x will be the final release supporting Apple Mac platforms on x86.” posted Aug. 3, 2022

VMware will not guarantee support of Ventura or other future versions of macOS that your development team needs. It’s time to transition to a new virtualization tool.

October 2022

Expected release of macOS Ventura, not guaranteed support by VMware.

March 2023

Expected release of new Xcode version, requiring the latest macOS.

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Talk to MacStadium about your virtualization options and how we can help.

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Change can be hard but this one doesn’t have to be.

Leading organizations are already migrating from VMware to Orka for a more scalable solution that supports Apple silicon.

  • More plugins for automated CI
  • Includes Apple silicon support
  • Leverages the same Kubernetes-based tools and workflows that you use to support other development teams
  • Comparable pricing

Meet Orka, the developer-focused platform built on Kubernetes for easy scalability.

Orka gives developers the power to create and scale the cloud environment they need to build and test their app without having to learn new or complex tools to manage their build infrastructure. 

  • Deploy macOS VMs in seconds
  • Tap into Kubernetes
  • Mac VMs on genuine Apple hardware

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