The end of VMware + Mac

VMware has announced it is dropping the support of macOS that your development team needs. Learn more about what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how MacStadium can help you migrate to a new virtualization tool that supports Apple silicon.


VMware has announced it is dropping support of macOS that your development team needs

October 2022

macOS Ventura released. May work (partially or wholly) on VMware but is not supported.

April 2023

All submissions to the App Store must be built with Xcode 14.1 or later. Xcode 14.1 requires macOS13 (Ventura), which is not fully supported by VMware.

It’s time to transition to a new virtualization tool.

MacStadium has already successfully transitioned leading organizations from VMware to Orka. Our team can scope and set up a free, custom proof-of-concept environment and provide technical support throughout your transition.

What this means to VMware users:

VMware will discontinue support for and stop undertaking certification of future vSphere ESXi releases on Mac platforms. This includes the 2019 Mac Pro and other Intel-based machines. If your team relies on VMware for iOS and/or macOS app development, you will need to transition to a new virtualization tool that supports the newest versions of macOS and Xcode.

Orka is the natural replacement:

Orka Platform by MacStadium enables macOS orchestration and life cycle managementin a cloud environment on genuine Apple hardware. It delivers high-performance virtual macOS environments in seconds for everything from simple Xcode builds to fully integrated, complex automated CI/CD pipelines.

Change can be hard but this one doesn’t have to be.

Leading organizations are already migrating from VMware to Orka for a more scalable solution that supports Apple silicon.

Why Orka?

  • Automated CI/CD pipelines–Extend your CI/CD pipeline by connecting OrkaPlatform to the most popular DevOps tools and easily orchestrate the wholething via Orka Platform’s RESTful API.
  • Enterprise-grade performance–Orka Platform was designed to be lightweightand built specifically for Mac. Its use of Kubernetes makes it highly scalable andable to support enterprise-level workflows.

What's the transition process?

Average customer transition time from VMware to Orka is 30 days. (The actual process may vary based on the size of the infrastructure and complexity of the current scripts.)

MacStadium will:

  • Provide a 14-day, risk-free sandbox environment to test your CI/CD tools and process
  • Include access to a dedicated team of experts who have already helped large and small customers transition from VMware to Orka
  • Keep your VMware environment for 30-days to ensure a seamless transition

Your team will:

  • Update CI/CD scripts to use Orka API
  • Transition VMware images to Orka images

Request a custom transition plan.

Not quite ready to transition or just not sure what to do next? No problem. Meet with a member of the MacStadium team to get insights and guidance from the industry-leading Mac cloud partner.