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It has never been easier to get started with MacStadium’s Orka platform. Orka Small Teams is available to purchase and configure through our online portal instantly.  

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Only $499 per month

The Orka platform for Small Teams contains everything you need to automate MacDevOps for a small team or project.


No locked or limited features. 

Pay as you go

No long-term commitment required. 

Transparent Pricing

No hidden setup fees or usage fees.

Orka platform Small Teams Package Details

What small teams need to manage MacDevOps. Nothing more, nothing less.

Orka platform license 

2 Mac minis with M2 processors, supporting up to 4 VMs total.

Enterprise-class firewall 

500GB Network Storage for virtual machine images 

Automated MacDevOps for Small Teams

macOS virtual machines when you need them

Deploy (and redeploy) macOS virtual machines for software builds and testing in seconds, not minutes or hours.

Seamless automated CI/CD pipelines

Connect to the most popular DevOps tools to build macOS and iOS DevOps pipelines with the tools you already know and love.

Peak performance

The Orka platform was designed to be lightweight and built specifically for Mac. Its use of Kubernetes makes it highly scalable and able to support complex workflows.

Create a seamless iOS app development workflow.

Connect your Orka platform environment to your build pipeline with one of our free, community-supported,  open-source plugins.

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Static and ephemeral Buildkite agents on macOS with Orka

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Drone pipeline that runs commands on MacStadium virtual machines

GitHub Actions logo

GitHub Actions

Setup a single or multiple runners automatically, or a single runner manually

GitLab logo


How to use GitLab Shell executors and Custom executors

Jenkins logo


Plugin to support both permanent and ephemeral Jenkins agents on Orka

Packer logo


Plugin to automate building images for Orka

TeamCity logo


Plugin to configure TeamCity so it can provision and tear down agents running in Orka on demand

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