Automated macOS CI with AWS EC2 Macs

You are confident in the level of security and scalability AWS provides for applications running in their data centers. Now you can automate and orchestrate your Apple environment on the same trusted infrastructure.

Orka 3.0

Create a seamless app development workflow

Orka Platform on AWS delivers simplicity and scalability to developers building for Apple devices. Spend less time dealing with the complexities of managing macOS and orchestrating your CI workloads on M1 machines and spend more time building innovative apps on AWS.

Automated MacDevOps

Extend your CI/CD pipeline by connecting Orka Platform to the most popular DevOps tools and easily orchestrate workloads using Orka Platform’s RESTful API.

Enterprise-grade performance

Orka Platform was designed to be lightweight and built specifically for Mac. Its use of Kubernetes makes it highly scalable and able to support enterprise-level workflows.

Expertise at your fingertips

Access expert support and guidance from the MacStadium team of experts that has been designing Mac-centric solutions for over a decade.

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Discover Orka Platform on AWS

Orka 3.0

Starting at $799/month

Includes everything you need to get started with the industry-leading Orka platform on AWS infrastructure.

  • Orka Platform software
  • Apple Silicon M1 Host Node (2 Virtual Machine capacity)
  • Additional nodes can be added for as low as $799 / month

Orka on AWS


Orka Platform by MacStadium runs on AWS infrastructure using genuine Apple M1 hardware and is designed to support a few to a few hundred machines in a single environment.


AWS is already a secure, approved vendor for many organizations.


Your organization’s Orka Platform by MacStadium on AWS infrastructure spend is consolidated onto a single bill, directly from AWS for simplified processing.


The MacStadium team of experts manages your Orka Platform on AWS environment so your team can focus on development and deployment.


The support you need to upgrade and maintain Orka Platform on AWS is included throughout the life of your environment.


Popular CI/CD plugins and integrations enable you to easily build macOS and iOS DevOps pipelines with the tools your developers already know and love.

Get started with Orka Platform on AWS

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Our team of Mac DevOps experts is standing by to help you discover the world of automated Mac CI.

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Visit our AWS Marketplace listing and start the conversation there to learn more about Orka Platform on AWS.

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Orka Platform on AWS FAQs

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Learn more about how Orka Platform on AWS can help automate your MacDevOps.

Learn how other enterprise organizations have benefited from Orka


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“With MacStadium’s Orka, you’re able to spin up and spin down VMs using an easy-to-use CLI or API.”


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“The Interactive Labs powered by Orka gave Jamf the opportunity to pioneer new technology and offer a first of its kind experience for Mac admins.”


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“Our builds no longer need any cleanup steps, potentially saving 20% from the build time. Now the builds are spun up on a clean agent every time, completely reproducible.”

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Supercharge your Mac DevOps pipeline by integrating your favorite tools with Orka Platform.


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