Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple

macOS VMs for truly automated CI

Orka provides on-demand macOS environments to power everything from simple Xcode builds to fully integrated, complex automated CI/CD pipelines.

Orka 3.0

Building for Apple platforms made easy

Leverage genuine Apple hardware in a secure cloud environment to create seamless Mac DevOps pipelines without the up-front investment in hardware and long-term administration.

Faster builds and releases

Orka integrates with CI tools to create true macOS development workflow automation by dynamically provisioning VMs and pooling resources. Use the open-source plugins to connect instantly or build a custom integration with the RESTful API.

Infinitely Scalable

Orka was built to scale to hundreds of Apple Silicon nodes, and is Kubernetes-native, meaning you can use your favorite Kubernetes tools to monitor and manage Orka alongside other environments.

Global Security

MacStadium is certified to the highest level of cloud security and data privacy. We meet or exceed the requirements of even the most demanding teams.

Orka 3.0

Now Available: Orka 3.0

The next-generation macOS virtualization solution that allows your app development team to release more efficiently and effectively.

Kubernetes (k8s) Native

You can now leverage the power of Kubernetes to manage your macOS workflows alongside other heterogeneous environments.

Faster Startups

Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compliant, thin-provisioned images launch in seconds, reducing bottlenecks and increasing throughput.

Integrated Single Sign-On

Easily control and manage environment access for DevOps and developers via the MacStadium Portal with SSO.

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The virtualization solution that grows with you

We offer two levels of Orka licensing so you only pay for the features your team needs. And Orka pricing is node-based (i.e. you pay per machine in your environment), so that it scales with you.


Get started with macOS virtualization and orchestration.


Includes VM orchestration across nodes with priority and grouping features.


Supports OCI-compatible images, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility.


Provides K8S Native Interfaces, including kubectl and compatible tools, for a seamless Kubernetes experience.


Integrates with Jenkins, GitHub Actions, BuildKite, and TeamCity for CI/CD pipelines and Packer support for creating images.


Truly custom macOS virtualization and orchestration solution with the security and availability upgrades.


Everything in Basic +


Network and VM Isolation for enhanced security.


Support for Linux workloads, broadening the scope of applications.


Offers Highly Available control plane for robust and reliable operations.


Federated SSO with Okta and Azure AD for easy access management.


Coming Soon: Private OCI Registry and Cache Management / Cache Warming to optimize performance.


Coming Soon: Event Auditing for improved oversight and compliance.

Our expert sales team is standing by to help you design the macOS virtualization solution that will save your team time and money.

Built by developers for developers

Orka CLI

Command-line driven

Easily manage Orka VMs with the automation-friendly CLI, which connects directly to the Kubernetes API.

Jenkins and Orka

Open-source CI plugins

Easily add automation to your Mac DevOps workflow by connecting Orka to your chosen CI tools using our open-source plugins.

Orka CLI

UI command and control

Create and orchestrate Orka VMs through the MacStadium portal web interface.

Jenkins and Orka


Brand new, lightweight API proxies requests directly to the k8s for lightning-fast response times.

Looking for a Mac DevOps solution on AWS?

Searching for the best Mac DevOps solution that complies with your organization’s mandate to use AWS? Orka has you covered. Get the industry-leading macOS virtualization solution on AWS EC2 Macs using your EDP.

Plays well with others

Buildkite logo


Static and ephemeral Buildkite agents on macOS with Orka

Drone logo


Drone pipeline that runs commands on MacStadium virtual machines

GitHub actions logo

GitHub Actions

Setup a single or multiple runners automatically, or a single runner manually

GitLab logo


How to use GitLab Shell executors and Custom executors

Jenkins logo


Plugin to support both permanent and ephemeral Jenkins agents on Orka

Packer logo


Plugin to automate building images for Orka

Teamcity logo


Plugin to configure TeamCity so it can provision and tear down agents running in Orka on demand

Design your ideal Orka environment

Enterprise-level performance and customization to meet your DevOps team’s specific needs.

Mix and match hardware

Want the power of the newest Mac hardware? Need some older model Intel machines for certain jobs? No problem. Orka supports mixed environments to give you everything you need in one place.

Access a library of OS images

Easily bring or access any Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compliant images for faster setup.New thin-provisioned images mean system startup can happen in seconds (1-2 minutes) instead of 5-10 minutes+.

Custom networking for maximum security

Customize your environment firewall and networking to satisfy even the most particular security requirements.

Scale on demand

Add nodes as needed over time to scale your environment with your team. Create multiple environments in different data centers around the world to meet the needs of a global development team.

How's your Mac DevOps pipeline capacity?

Read our DevOps Capacity Planning White Paper to learn how to assess and optimize your current utilization, gather information needed to forecast future needs confidently, and calculate the additional resources required to meet those needs.

Learn more about Orka Platform

Read the latest release notes, check out the API, and learn about Orka Platform.

Certified Kubernetes logo

Leverage the power of Kubernetes

MacStadium is dedicated to building software for the Kubernetes community that is consistent, reliable, and interoperable. To demonstrate our commitment, Orka Platform has been certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program.

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