Orka® platform

Enabling Automated MacDevOps with Kubernetes

Orka Platform enables macOS orchestration and life cycle management in a cloud environment by leveraging Kubernetes to deliver high-performance virtual macOS environments in seconds for everything from simple Xcode builds to fully integrated, complex automated CI/CD pipelines.

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No matter the size of your team, we have an Orka platform solution for your MacDevOps needs.

Orka Small Teams

Instant access to our industry-leading Orka platform to manage macOS virtualization and orchestration.

Monthly pricing with no long-term commitment.

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Orka Enterprise

Industry-leading Orka platform to manage macOS virtualization and orchestration.

Talk to our sales team to design your custom environment.

Our best rates on annual contracts.

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Orka on AWS

Industry-leading Orka platform to manage macOS virtualization and orchestration.

Talk to our sales team to get started on AWS in a few days.

Monthly or annual pricing options available.

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Increase Efficiency: integrate and automate macOS CI/CD

Integrate with CI/CD tools to create true macOS development workflow automation by dynamically provisioning VMs and pooling resources. Use the open-source plugins to connect to popular CI/CD tools instantly or build a custom integration with the RESTful API.

Save Time: macOS vms are available in seconds

Access fresh VMs for development and testing when you need them, not an hour later after you have wiped and reset the machine. And gain even more efficiency by cloning VMs instead of manually re-imaging individual Macs.

Scale Easily: Orka platform delivers enterprise-grade performance

Orka Platform was designed to be lightweight and built specifically for Mac. Its use of Kubernetes makes it highly scalable and able to support everything from small teams to enterprise-level workflows. 

Get answers: access industry expertise and hands-on support

Leverage expert support and guidance from the MacStadium team of experts that has been designing Mac-centric solutions for over a decade.

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Get more technical details about the Orka virtualization platform.

Connect your existing CI/CD tools to Orka Platform

Automate your MacDevOps workflow by connecting Orka Platform to your chosen CI/CD tools using our open-source plugins.

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Static and ephemeral Buildkite agents on macOS with Orka

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Drone pipeline that runs commands on MacStadium virtual machines

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GitHub Actions

Setup a single or multiple runners automatically, or a single runner manually

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How to use GitLab Shell executors and Custom executors

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Plugin to support both permanent and ephemeral Jenkins agents on Orka

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Plugin to automate building images for Orka

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Plugin to configure TeamCity so it can provision and tear down agents running in Orka on demand

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We’re here to help

An experienced sales engineer is ready to discuss your needs and help you design the right Mac cloud solution.

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Learn about recent updates.

Our devs are hard at work adding new Orka Platform features and functionality.

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Read the latest release notes, check out the API, and learn about Orka Platform.

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Kubernetes certified.

MacStadium is dedicated to building software for the Kubernetes community that is consistent, reliable, and interoperable. To demonstrate our commitment, Orka Platform has been certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program. Learn more