Mac Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud-hosted Macs for every project

MacStadium Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is rented, dedicated, genuine Apple hardware hosted in MacStadium data centers.

Cloud-hosted Mac infrastructure is more affordable than on-demand hosting providers and more reliable and scalable than managing your own Mac hardware.

All m2 models

Dedicated hardware

No more noisy neighbors. Each machine is 100% dedicated to you, which means you can fine-tune it for your needs.

Genuine Apple Macs

Access genuine Apple hardware to power your workflows and satisfy Apple’s strict programming requirements.

Unlimited usage

One flat rate for unlimited usage. No additional charges for ingress or egress. No hidden fees.

Root Access

Choose your macOS from our library of base images. Power your machine on and off anytime through the customer portal.


These are not virtualized servers. They are dedicated, racked machines so you can pick up where you left off seamlessly.

CI Hosting

MacStadium Bare Metal is an easy and reliable option for hosting your CI or Build Server, with 99.9% uptime and 10Gb Ethernet connection.

MacStadium customer portal on MacBook Pro

Create Your Mac cloud

MacStadium offers two ways to purchase cloud Macs:

Custom Mac Solutions

Tailored solutions for every unique use case. We will work with you to build a custom package. Contact our sales team to speak to an expert consultant about your specific needs.

- Custom Mac hardware solutions

- Professional Mac expertise

- Tailored support and service options

Mac Hardware On Demand

MacStadium offers a wide variety of standard Mac hardware. Easily select hardware from our standard, in-stock server configurations within the MacStadium Portal.

Mac mini with M2 (M2.S)

Get Started

◦ 8 Core CPU

◦ 10 Core GPU


◦ 256GB SSD

◦ 1Gb Ethernet

Mac mini with M1 (M1.M)

Powerful Value

◦ 8 Core CPU

◦ 10 Core GPU

◦ 16GB RAM


◦ 10Gb Ethernet

Mac mini with M2 (M2.M)

Everyday Workhorse

◦ 8 Core CPU

◦ 10 Core GPU

◦ 16GB RAM


◦ 10Gb Ethernet

Mac mini with M2 Pro (M2.L)

Accelerate Builds

◦ 10 Core CPU

◦ 16 Core GPU

◦ 16GB RAM


◦ 10Gb Ethernet

Mac mini with M2 Pro (M2.XL)

Creative Powerhouse

◦ 12 Core CPU

◦ 19 Core GPU

◦ 32GB RAM


◦ 10Gb Ethernet

Mac Studio with M2 Ultra (S2.M)

Workload Doubler

◦ 24 Core CPU

◦ 60 Core GPU

◦ 64GB RAM


◦ 10Gb Ethernet

Mac mini with Intel (MI.L)

Legacy Support

◦ 3.2Ghz Intel i7 CPU

◦ Intel UHD Graphics

◦ 64GB RAM


◦ 10Gb Ethernet

Customize your Mac

Perfect Match

◦ Choose your model

◦ Choose your CPU

◦ Choose your GPU

◦ Choose your RAM

◦ Choose your storage

Choosing the right Mac

MacStadium’s Bare Metal Benchmarks help you balance power, speed, and cost in selecting your Bare Metal resources.

14% faster Xcode builds

Spend less time waiting for Xcode. The Mac mini with M2 (M2.S) gives you 14% faster Xcode builds.

41% better CPU performance

Manage your CI/CD workflows more efficiently with the Mac mini with M2 Pro (M2.L). This model offers 1.41x CPU performance and 1.46 faster Xcode builds for a great all-around upgrade.

6x GPU speeds

Creating a truly immersive app experience requires high-powered graphics. The Mac Studio with M2 Ultra (S2.M) gives you lightning fast GPU.

Capital One logo

GetYourGuide moved from a popular CI-as-a-service to MacStadium Mac Cloud Infrastructure to speed up pull requests and release testing times, eliminating bottlenecks from their workflows. With MacStadium, GetYourGuide is now saving 4 hours per iOS developer, totaling over 60 hours/day.

Get started

Chat with a sales engineer about how MacStadium Cloud Access, powered by HP Anyware can empower your team.

Media & entertainment

Cloud Access is the perfect solution for creative, media, and entertainment workflows.

Game development

Cloud Access gives game developers the high-fidelity resolution, sound, and color they need.


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