The new M1 Mac minis have arrived at MacStadium!
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From start-up to enterprise, we have a solution for your team

2018 Mac mini

Single Mac minis

Dedicated, bare metal Mac mini, hosted in our secure data centers

Choose a mini and get started

Starting at $59/mo.

  • Dedicated Mac hardware
  • 6 mini options available
  • Choose your operating system
  • 24/7 ticket support
  • Self-signup with instant provisioning

For small teams,
individuals, and students

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Orka Clouds

Kubernetes-based macOS VM automation on Apple hardware

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Starting at $1,500/mo.

  • Virtualized cloud on Apple hardware
  • Unlimited compute and storage pools
  • Plugins to standard CI tools
  • Dedicated technical account manager
  • Legal & security reviews available

For teams that need automation, scalability, and pre-built plugins

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VMware Clouds

VMware automation in a scalable, customizable Apple Mac cloud

  • VMware virtualization on Mac hardware
  • Customizable hardware configurations
  • Deployed with VMware ESXi hypervisor
  • Dedicated technical account manager
  • Legal & security reviews available

For teams that want VMware
as their automation solution

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Bare Metal Mac Cloud

Bare Metal Clouds

Fully customizable Mac cloud, ready for your automation solution

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Custom pricing

  • Genuine Apple Mac infrastructure
  • Deploy any hardware configuration
  • Bring whatever automation you need
  • Dedicated technical account manager
  • Legal & security reviews available

For teams that prefer DIY
bare metal automation

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Which plan is right for you?

Single Mac mini

I want...

Access to a Mac in the cloud
No annual commitment
Instant activation

I am...

An individual or small team

Orka Cloud

Orka Heart

I want...

Easy setup and automation
Kubernetes workflow & CI plugins
Infinite & rapid scalability

I am...

Building for the future

Bare Metal Cloud

I want...

A large pool of Macs
Customizable infrastructure
Fully DIY automation

I am...

Using my own automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the hardware shared with other customers?

No. All MacStadium Apple Mac infrastructure is dedicated to an individual customer. The environment is yours to control, and you have root-level access to all aspects of your dedicated infrastructure.

What if I need to add more capacity?

No problem! All MacStadium clouds can easily grow with your team. With our large inventory, we can expand your cloud quickly and infinitely. Our Mac experts are always available to discuss and plan for your growth. We’ll make the deployment and scale-up of your Mac cloud easy. Have questions? Contact a sales engineer.

What is included with a private cloud?

With a MacStadium cloud you have everything you need for true automation. All MacStadium clouds come with dedicated Apple hardware, internal or SAN storage, a Cisco firewall, and a dedicated IPv4 address space. Orka clouds include our Kubernetes-based Mac build solution and plugins for connecting to your favorite CI tools. VMware clouds are deployed with VMware licensing which includes vSphere and the vCenter app. Contact a sales engineer with any questions.

What are my payment options?

Individual Mac mini subscriptions can be purchased online, and we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Mac mini subscriptions are billed on the anniversary date of your subscription each month for the next 30 days of service.

MacStadium private clouds are typically billed on an annual basis, with discounts available for multi-year pre-payment. We accept online payment via credit card, or we can invoice customers whose monthly payment is $1,000 or more.