Data Centers

MacStadium has state-of-the-art data centers powering Apple Mac Pro and Mac mini servers. Our diverse data centers are accessible around the globe.

MacStadium facilities are equipped with a wide range of power management, cooling, network access equipment and security systems including biometric access control, security cameras, and on-premise security staff. All of our facilities feature redundant power regulation systems, battery systems, diesel generators and air conditioning systems which are all critical to ensuring continuous uptime and availability.

Connectivity to the Internet is assured by multiple dark fiber rings into our data centers’ telco rooms through diverse entry points. Multi-gigabit connectivity is used to link our data centers to each other and then to connect upstream providers to our network. Whether your server is in the United States or Europe, you’ll have the same great experience from anywhere in the world.

Global Mac Infrastructure

Data Center Map

US - Atlanta

MacStadium’s North American HQ and first data center is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Two inter-connected facilities with diverse upstream links make this a great location for any size customer.
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Europe - Dublin

MacStadium’s first data center in Europe (and international headquarters) is located in Dublin, Ireland. It offers high-speed, low-latency access to dedicated Mac hardware to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Las Vegas

US - Las Vegas

Located in Las Vegas, this is one of the safest geographical points in the country to run a data center and is a low latency option for west coast companies.

Silicon Valley

US - Silicon Valley

MacStadium's Silicon Valley data center serves the highest concentration of technology companies in the world and offers interconnections to one of the largest internet exchanges and peering points.

Security & Compliance

MacStadium is independently ISO 27001 certified as a company across all of our data centers. We hold and maintain top certifications and deploy world-class physical, network, and process-level security at each of our locations.

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Custom Rack-mounted Mac Servers

When we started in the Mac infrastructure business, we couldn’t find a single great solution for hosting Mac minis in a data center that matched our requirements. The same issue came up when the current Mac Pro was announced in 2013.

In both instances, rather than haphazardly store Mac minis and Mac Pros on storage racks or try and fit them into a standard 19″ rack, we chose to design our own racks. We think we made the right decision and you’ll probably agree.

The first revision of our custom-designed rack supports 460 Mac minis in a single rack. Why so many? A few of our customers have deployed hundreds of Mac minis at one time so we created the densest rack to support our customers as they grow.

Our Mac Pro rack is another custom patent-pending solution now in its second revision. The first version was a pod design developed for a dense custom-fabricated rack. Now, we’ve developed a new chassis and sled design that fits a pair of Mac Pro servers.

Just like in the first revision, fibre channel adapters provide connectivity to gigabit ethernet and redundant fibre channel SAN storage. It also allows us to secure private clouds in locked rack and cage units for enterprise customers to keep their data secure. Chat with a sales engineer today about a secure private cloud environment at one of MacStadium’s three data centers.

In July 2016, we were awarded two patents covering the enclosure for our Mac mini rack and the first revision of our Mac Pro enclosure.

Mac mini racks
Mac Pro racks

Through the Mac Door… to the Enterprise Environment

Our primary goal at MacStadium is to be the Mac infrastructure authority around the world. That doesn’t mean we can’t solve the rest of your problems as well. We grew out of a traditional hosting company and our engineers have as much expertise with HPE Blades as we do with Xserves and Mac Pros.

MacStadium customers are fortunate because this is the best location to move your entire infrastructure after you’ve realized the potential of Mac servers in the cloud. Our customer base includes large Fortune 500 companies that decided to consolidate their entire infrastructure into our ecosystem. We work closely with DevOps teams to deploy the right technology, solutions, and build a roadmap for stable or explosive growth.

Beyond Apple Mac servers, MacStadium customers can leverage HPE Blade servers, all-flash PureStorage SAN and NetApp archival SAN, Cisco ASA firewalls, and more. We’ve deployed A+B environments at multiple sites to make sure the solution meets their availability and disaster recovery requirements. Even solutions requiring geographically-redundant environments in multiple data centers are possible at MacStadium.

Fibre cables
HP Blades

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