Helping companies build great apps.

MacStadium is trusted by iOS developers, mobile testing teams, and DevOps engineers at thousands of companies around the world.

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MacStadium cloud solutions are for


Security, scalability, and reliability – MacStadium cloud solutions can meet the needs of even the most demanding DevOps team.

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From startups to industry innovators, MacStadium provides everything you need to orchestrate Mac for business.

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Platform services.

The most popular platform- as-a-service companies partner with MacStadium to empower their Mac-based users.

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Open source.

The tools used by Mac developers to create software for the Apple platform are supported by the MacStadium cloud.

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Enterprise solutions for Mac.

Many of today’s Fortune 500 companies depend on iOS or Mac apps as part of their core business strategy. Enterprise teams need Mac cloud tools and infrastructure to support the build, test, or continuous integration pipeline of the company’s Apple-based software. MacStadium supports the largest apps in the world with enterprise features such as top-tier security, infinite scalability, and highly configurable networking.

Capital One

Using a private cloud with virtualization provides a consistent environment where Capital One’s developers can get their test results quickly and ensure stable code before shipping to customers.

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The developer cloud that grows with you.

For startups and fast-growing companies, a MacStadium cloud is a great way to provide your team with always-on Mac build machines. It’s inexpensive and easy to set up. As your team grows, codebases and testing become more complex and PRs get more frequent. With MacStadium, easily add virtualization for added stability and automation or deploy additional Mac instances and automate using bare metal. With thousands of Macs deployed in each of our data centers, rapid scalability is just a click away.


Glovo transitioned from a fully managed CIaaS solution to MacStadium's Orka for iOS continuous integration to expedite value delivery to their user base.

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Provide Mac to your users.

Platform-as-a-service providers need fully automated, high-performance, reliable, and secure CI infrastructure that can quickly scale to support their software. The largest PaaS companies in the world rely on MacStadium to deliver fast and reliable Mac services to their customers. A MacStadium cloud can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of your platform and use case.


Hundreds of virtual machines powered by Orka Platform virtualization on MacStadium hardware created an interactive lab experience for Jamf’s annual user conference that was held online in 2020.

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Innovation through open source.

Tremendously important innovation on Apple products is happening through free and open source software. That’s why we are committed to supporting open source tools that benefit the growth of the Mac developer community. Through strategic partnerships and our open source program, we are proud to be the backbone behind many of the tools developers use every day.


With Orka Platform, the popular macOS package manager Homebrew was able to reduce build times, simplify infrastructure management, and improve the overall experience for its contributors.