MacStadium + Citrix

Enterprise-grade Mac virtual desktops delivered globally

You can now add Mac to your Citrix DaaS with scalable, cloud-hosted macOS desktops powered by MacStadium.

Provide the Mac desktop experience global users want and need, with the security of remote access to a cloud-hosted device.

Want to try Citrix for macOS with MacStadium?

Be one of the first to experience Citrix VDA for macOS with MacStadium. We’ll work with you and your Citrix account team to participate in the public tech preview program and connect your Citrix DaaS platform to a MacStadium private cloud.

Productivity anywhere

Fast, consistent access to macOS – on any device and network – to support your team (even when employees are working thousands of miles from the datacenter or using unreliable connections). Employees can use their local device to access the Apple hardware that they need to create from anywhere.

Lower IT costs

Provide new, temporary, and/or contract employees instant access to macOS without purchasing or shipping expensive hardware that may never be returned. macOS personalized desktops look and feel the same as locally installed ones, but can be hosted in the cloud and centrally controlled by IT.

Secure sensitive data

Your data stays in a company-owned cloud environment rather than on individual devices that can be lost or stolen. Keep that data secure by providing the right level of access based on each employee's location, device, and other factors. And rest easy knowing that MacStadium data centers meet or exceed the requirements of even the most demanding teams.

macOS available when and where your team needs it

MacStadium hosts genuine Apple hardware in the cloud. And Citrix makes it easy to deliver a macOS desktop to users around the world, based on that hosted hardware.

Development Teams

All Apple app development requires genuine Apple hardware to build, support, and publish to the app store. But Apple doesn’t make server-grade Mac hardware.

Citrix VDA for macOS with MacStadium easily provide high-performance macOS desktops to all your Apple app developers – even remote, contract, and international workers.

The machine itself lives safely in a secure MacStadium data center, while your developers use their local machine and Citrix DaaS to access it from anywhere in the world. Citrix enables an engaging user experience while sensitive data remains secure.

Designer Workstations

Create custom, cloud-hosted Mac workstations for designers with specific graphical and processing needs without having to purchase and maintain the machines themselves.

Choose from a variety of genuine Apple hardware available through MacStadium – everything from basic Mac Minis to enhanced Mac Studios – ensuring that users can easily run the programs they need from their existing device.

All without the upfront cost of purchasing the machine or the long-term maintenance required.

Mac User Preference

Conveniently provide macOS desktops for executives alongside your existing fleet of virtual Windows or Linux desktops.

Simply add MacStadium-hosted, genuine Apple hardware and manage your macOS desktop users from your existing Citrix DaaS platform.

No new systems or user support processes required.

Two industry leaders, one solution

Industry-leading Citrix virtual desktop software, now available for macOS, with MacStadium’s cloud-hosted genuine Apple hardware

Citrix VDA for macOS

The Citrix DaaS platform gives you enterprise-grade management and security, with the ability to manage, monitor, and secure your Mac virtual resources on your MacStadium private cloud.

Cloud-hosted, genuine Apple hardware from MacStadium

Access a variety of genuine Apple hardware, including the newest, most powerful Macs, hosted by the industry-leading Mac cloud provider to ensure your Mac private cloud is ready to go when you are.


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