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Webinar: Intro to Bazel on macOS

Webinar: Digging Deeper into the 2018 Mac minis

Webinar: Managing Mac DevOps in the Enterprise

Webinar: Orchestrate macOS in a Cloud Environment using Kubernetes

Orka: Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple (from DevOps World | Jenkins World US)

Virtualizing Mac Infrastructure at Scale: A CI Case Study with Dropbox and MacStadium

Panel Discussion: CI Best Practices for iOS & macOS App Development

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MacStadium for Free/Open Source

Encouraging innovation through collaboration is one of MacStadium’s core beliefs. We know that despite finite resources, a lack of hardware, and limited support, tremendously important innovation is happening through free and open source software (FOSS). This is especially the case with iOS & macOS development, which requires expensive Mac hardware that limits the incredible capacities for innovation on Apple products. To support the FOSS community, MacStadium has created a program to help developers working on open source projects.

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