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Transitioning from Intel to Apple Silicon eBook

Make the move from Intel to Apple silicon.

In 2020, Apple announced that their ARM-based silicon is replacing the Intel chip for Mac. Have you made the switch? In this eBook, we look at the state of developer tools, investigate how converting to Apple silicon could impact your build pipeline, and offer suggestions for ensuring a smooth transition.

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Transitioning from Intel to Apple Silicon

Transitioning from Intel to Apple Silicon

When should you move to Mac silicon? This eBook will help guide the shift from Intel to Apple Silicon for your Mac or iOS build pipeline.

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DevSecOps eBook

DevSecOps for iOS and macOS

If your team wants to implement a DevSecOps security model for macOS and iOS applications, but you aren’t sure where to start, this eBook is for you.

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On-prem to Cloud white paper

Transitioning iOS CI from On-Premises to Cloud

As teams grow, an early continuous integration pipeline can show signs of strain. Is it time for your team to move your iOS CI from on-prem to cloud?

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Static, Ephemeral & Hybrid eBook

Static, Ephemeral & Hybrid CI Pipelines for Mac

What’s the best CI path: static, ephemeral, or a hybrid of the two? Thinking about streamlining your CI pipeline? Download this free eBook.

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Trends in iOS DevOps survey

Trends in iOS DevOps

See what successes and challenges iOS developers have been experiencing in this survey of attendees at the 2018 WWDC and AltConf.

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Cloud Access webinar screen

Cloud Access for Mac: Remote Desktops for Media & Entertainment

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GPU Passthrough webinar screenshot

GPU Passthrough & Virtualization with Mac Private Clouds

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M1 webinar screenshot

New Apple Silicon: When to Migrate

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GitHub Actions webinar screenshot

Simple, Secure iOS CI with GitHub Actions and Dedicated MacStadium Hardware

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Ansible webinar screenshot

Ansible for iOS Build Benchmarking

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K8 Logs webinar screenshot

How to K8s: Shipping macOS Logs in Kubernetes

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Orka webinar screenshot

Orchestrate macOS in a Cloud Environment Using Kubernetes

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Linked Clones webinar screenshot

Automating with Linked Clones: How to Improve Build Times in Your Mac VMware Cloud

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Intro to Bazel webinar screenshot

Intro to Bazel on macOS

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