Tools and Plugins

Tools and Plugins

Build for Mac with your favorite tools.

MacStadium’s CI/CD plugins and integrations allow our cloud users to easily build macOS and iOS DevOps pipelines with the tools your developers already know and love. Regardless of where your code lives, we make it simple to run DevOps workflows on Apple hardware.

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In addition to our documentation, we have technical account managers available to help you build exactly the solution your team needs and get these plugins up and running in your environment quickly and easily.

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Working with Orka.

The following integrations and plugins help you connect your build pipeline with MacStadium’s Orka virtualization platform.

Buildkite logo


Static and ephemeral Buildkite agents on macOS with Orka

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Drone logo


Drone pipeline that runs commands on MacStadium virtual machines

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GitHub Actions logo

GitHub Actions.

Setup a single or multiple runners automatically, or a single runner manually

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GitLab logo


How to use GitLab Shell executors and Custom executors

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Jenkins logo


Plugin to support both permanent and ephemeral Jenkins agents on Orka

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Packer logo


Plugin to automate building images for Orka

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TeamCity logo


Plugin to configure TeamCity so it can provision and tear down agents running in Orka on demand

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Bazel, Terraform, Ansible & more.

Check out more projects and resources we use every day.

Tools for VMware.

Terraform & Ansible logos

Linked Clones with Terraform and Ansible.

Unlock faster build times by automating linked clones with Ansible and Terraform (recorded webinar)

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Learn more in the docs

Need a plugin? Created a plugin?

We’re always excited to add new stuff to our toolbox. Have a suggestion or created a plugin or integration of your own? Let us know!