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Move your Mac build pipeline to the cloud.

Whether you're just starting out or have a fully automated large development team, MacStadium can provide the Mac cloud resources to support your CI/CD pipeline.

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Continuous integration and deployment.

Run macOS and iOS CI/CD in the cloud. Choose between bare metal or virtualized macOS compute resources to run your jobs. Connect your pipeline built on any CI/CD tooling, such as Jenkins, GitHub Actions, or GitLab, to your existing pipeline, and connect it to your MacStadium cloud environment to execute your CI/CD processes.

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Remote build execution.

Bazel is an open source build and test tool many companies are adopting to speed up CI workflows and make their teams more productive. Bazel optimizes your builds and tests and allows for better parallelization across multiple build machines. Once you have adopted Bazel and set up a build cache as part of your MacStadium CI cloud, you can take it one step further and improve developer workflows by moving ALL builds to the cloud (not just builds associated with PRs), saving developers time throughout the development process.

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Release automation.

Automate the process of submitting apps to Apple’s App Store with tools like fastlane running on your MacStadium cloud. Set up an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline by adding release automation servers to your CI build infrastructure.


Designed for DevOps.

Our macOS cloud compute resources have been specifically designed with the CI/CD use case in mind. We know a large number of teams have established CI/CD elsewhere in the cloud or on-prem and we've intentionally designed our offerings to complement those systems elegantly.

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