Customer Case Study

How GetYourGuide Saves Over 60 Dev Hours Each Day With MacStadium

GetYourGuide partnered with MacStadium to scale and streamline their CI/CD processes. They moved from a popular CI-as-a-service to MacStadium Mac Cloud Infrastructure to speed up pull requests and release testing times, eliminating bottlenecks from their workflows.


GetYourGuide is a global online marketplace for travel experiences. They offer a wide variety of things to do, including walking tours, nature excursions, cooking classes, and tickets to popular cultural attractions. Based in Berlin, GetYourGuide features over 100,000 experiences, offers multilingual support for customers, and is part of the emerging experience economy, which is set to become a $1T opportunity in 2024.

Before MacStadium

With the ambitious goal of becoming the go-to brand for finding travel experiences, GetYourGuide is rapidly scaling.

Over the past five years, GetYourGuide has grown immensely – with customers and team members. The iOS development team has grown 4x in the past few years and ramped up to about 100 builds per day.

As more engineers joined and more code was written, more problems arose in their CI/CD processes. Pull requests took, on average, 30 minutes, and release testing over an hour (70 minutes, to be exact). The result was inefficient workflows and huge amounts of precious developer time wasted waiting.

Not only were bottlenecks overtaking the engineers, but their previous solution, a popular CI-as-a-service (CIaaS) solution, had siloed the Native Apps development team.

“The platform we were using for CI on Android and iOS was very distant from the rest of our company. We were kind of in a silo, and this was a good reason to move to MacStadium.” - Felipe Marino, iOS Engineer at GetYourGuide

Transitioning from CIaaS

GetYourGuide needed a solution that could scale and grow with them - as well as access to the newest macOS and Apple silicon infrastructure.

GetYourGuide decided to move to MacStadium so they wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining their own macOS infrastructure.

The process of transitioning from their CIaaS solution to MacStadium was far worth the effort. GetYourGuide can now fully control their infrastructure at their own pace, tailored exactly to their needs. “Flexibility is another important point for us,” said Felipe. “We just did a big migration in the environment, and it was quite straightforward and nice to just update the Bare Metal machines with the tooling.”

Impact on GetYourGuide moving to MacStadium

Switching to MacStadium significantly improved the CI/CD processes for GetYourGuide. Here are the end results from the iOS engineers:

→ Pull requests went from 30 to 12 minutes, about 2.5.x faster.

→ Release tests went from over an hour to 20 minutes, around 3-4x faster.

→ Weekly releases went from over 2 hours to 1 hour, 2x faster.

“The speed up on our development and delivery processes allowed our team to focus on what’s most important, building a great product and making a difference for our customers.” - Felipe Marino, iOS Engineer at GetYourGuide

Using MacStadium for iOS builds is a critical component leading to GetYourGuide’s success. The team at GetYourGuide knew test prioritization was crucial to their business, which ultimately led to the decision to choose MacStadium to help transform the way they handle iOS builds.

After migrating to MacStadium, the disconnect and separation within the iOS development team vanished. GetYourGuide iOS engineers can now all use GitHub Actions. “The platform is now the same as other engineers, which is very beneficial for us,” said Felipe. “We use a lot of shared logic when using that platform.”


GetYourGuide started with a team of iOS engineers completing countless builds every day. They were struggling to keep up as their business continued to scale. They went from waiting 30 minutes multiple times per day for pull requests and dealing with slow reaction times with release testing to saving valuable dev time. With MacStadium, GetYourGuide is now saving 4 hours per iOS developer, totaling over 60 hours/day.

With MacStadium’s Mac Cloud Infrastructure, GetYourGuide can continue to grow and expand in the industry, allowing them to become the global go-to brand for travel experiences.

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Top Benefits:

✓ Full control of your infrastructure at your own pace

✓ Drastically reduce bottlenecks in CI/CD processes

✓ Speed up pull requests by 2.5x

✓ Up to 4x faster release testing

“With MacStadium Bare Metal, the hardware is more powerful. It allows us to run pull requests and release tests in parallel.”

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