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MacStadium at Jenkins World 2016

Jenkins World 2016 Butler Logo

We had a great time meeting so many current and potential customers at Jenkins World. We received a lot of inquiries about our Mac Pro racks.


The most common issues mentioned:

  • We have x number of macs in (location in office) and managing them is taking manpower from our development.
  • We have a small setup now, but we need to scale very quickly and don’t want to buy the hardware.
  • Our current data center team doesn’t want the Macs there anymore.

We can definitely help with all of these growth issues. Fill out this form and we’ll put together the right package for you. We can provide you a full Mac private cloud setup with Pros, flash SAN, VCenter and hosting for a full month so you can fully test it out. If it works out, we can scale quickly and securely with you.

Tell us about your Mac Pro private cloud needs for Jenkins