The 2019 Mac Pros have arrived and our benchmarking has started! Our customers use different languages and frameworks to develop across the Apple ecosystem. At build time, we’ve found these frameworks draw on compile resources differently. At MacStadium, we’ve been working hard to create standardized benchmarks to provide developers with the data they need to pick the right hardware to support their work.

Out-of-the-Box Rack Mounts

We’re no strangers to racking macs. We’re also one of the first in the world to get our hands on the new rack-mount 2019 Mac Pro. Even though we’ve been running benchmarks and testing them out, the MacStadium engineering team is still evaluating the hardware and integration specifics for both the rack-mounted and stand-alone versions to determine the best configurations for our customers. They will be available in our data centers soon. Want to be one of the first customers? Let us know!

Measuring Build Performance

For this first round of benchmarking, we used NodeJS and Wikipedia’s iOS build. Check out the links to the repos we used below if you want to try them out for yourself.

MacStadium Table of Benchmarking Results

Preliminary Take-Aways:

  • 2019 Mac Pro is up to 2x faster than the next fastest machine (2013 Pro) for NodeJS-24 Thread builds
  • 2019 Mac Pro is also fastest for NodeJS-4 Thread builds, but it’s neck-and-neck with 2018 minis
  • 2013 Mac Pro is still very competitive for some builds (faster than minis for NodeJS-24, ~20% slower than minis on the Xcode build
  • The 2018 Mac mini provides a lot of value for developers using Xcode builds but struggles at higher thread-count Node builds

Source Repos:

  • ‍
  • ‍

Every customer setup is different. We have engineers that will talk with you to find just the right mix of machines for your build and use case. Want to learn more? Schedule time with a sales engineer here.

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