4 Ways the MacStadium Community Elevates iOS Application Development

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March 14, 2024

The importance of building connections for iOS development teams 

We know that Apps are the backbone of the mobile device experience. In fact, 88% of mobile internet usage takes place within applications and is continuing to rise year after year (no surprise, thank you doom-scrolling). Ultimately, this means it’s more important than ever before to prioritize innovation and connections to create better apps. 

Great application development isn’t just lines of code. To be the best iOS developer, engineer, or SRE you can be, it’s critical to continue learning and staying up to date with the latest iOS news. TL;DR, if you want to grow your app, you also need to grow and innovate. 

One way to do this (in our opinion, the best) is to join the MacStadium Community. 

What is the MacStadium Community? 

The MacStadium Community is a space designed for developers, by developers, to network, collaborate, and stay informed with peers on trending topics such as Apple application development, CI/CD testing, artificial intelligence (AI), DevOps, and open source. From discussions around the latest Apple announcement to troubleshooting MacStadium’s Orka CLI, there’s a place for everyone to learn something. 

The main goal of the MacStadium Community is to foster collaboration, connections, and innovation. On an easy-to-use platform, users can create posts, respond to other developers, and generate lively discussions around a variety of dev-related areas. 

Top 4 MacStadium Community benefits for iOS app development

MacStadium Community benefits

Knowledge exchange of iOS development tools and data 

Find a helpful tool that you want to share with other devs? Discover a useful Xcode hack? The MacStadium Community is the perfect place to share. Think of it as a knowledge base of collective wisdom for topics ranging from AI to virtualization to the latest M3 benchmarks

Collaboration amongst application development peers 

As app developers, it’s easy to get caught up in tedious pull requests and testing. Maybe you're stuck trying to figure out the next step in your project, or just want to see what others in the iOS development space are doing. In the MacStadium Community, you can communicate with others in the industry and share opinions (We know you have been dying to share what you really think about the latest iOS update.) 

Stay informed on the latest and greatest app development news 

With Apple releasing new updates and products multiple times a year, iOS development teams need to keep up with current trends and news. In the fast-paced world of application development, staying informed about the latest emerging technologies and best practices keeps you at the top of your game. With channels dedicated solely to industry news and Apple development, the MacStadium Community is a great place to find and post application development trends and helpful information. 

Collective problem-solving 

Need advice on your current project? Want to know how others have solved similar problems? Sick of digging through ‘answers’ that only work for Linux or Google Cloud? Ask a question and receive answers from fellow Apple app developers who are dealing with the same hurdles you are. It’s that simple. You might be surprised by the helpful suggestions you received. 

Where iOS application development teams gather: How to join the MacStadium Community 

Ready to innovate with other devs? Join the MacStadium Community - Your one-stop shop for everything application development, Apple news, and DevOps-related. 

Visit community.macstadium.com and start collaborating today! 

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