Access a Remote Mac Desktop from Your iPad

Recently, Brian Stucki demonstrated how to access a remote Mac mini on iPadOS 13.4. It was so cool, we wanted to share it with you here. Check it out!

The new iPadOS 13.4 introduced pointers, which allows you to supplement touch interaction with a more traditional pointing device, like a mouse or touchpad. Brian Stucki, MacStadium VP and Apple Evangelist, demonstrated how you can access a remote Mac mini at MacStadium, bringing new meaning to cloud computing. And if you’re not following MacStadium or Brian on Twitter, you’re missing out!

Pretty cool, right? You can now view, troubleshoot and leverage the computing power of a remote Mac mini in a super-portable form factor. If you’re interested in hearing more about our Mac minis, join us on April 22 at 1 PM EDT for our webinar, “Digging Deeper into 2018 Mac minis at MacStadium,” with Kevin Beebe, VP of Product Management. Sign up now to reserve your seat!