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Mailplane app screenshot

Mailplane: Building an all-in-one Gmail app on a Mac mini

Mailplane allows you to easily manage your Gmail account with an all-in-one macOS app. Learn how Mailplane uses a Mac mini to build, test, and run analytics for their popular app.

architecture, urban, and interior design firm in Germany_Hauserpartner

Hauserpartner: Mac mini for MDM, Mac Pro for power

Architecture, urban, and interior design firm hauserpartner needed a platform to test on multiple versions of macOS and to move to the cloud quickly after COVID-19. Read how they did it with a mini at MacStadium.

Cycling '74 Mac laptop on desk with audio software on screen

Cycling 74: Dedicated Resources and Platform Flexibility with Mac mini

Cycling '74 needed the flexibility to develop software on multiple platforms using cross-platform languages. Jump in and see how they did it with a Mac mini at MacStadium.

TestFairy QA and testing with Mac mini case study

TestFairy: Bulletproof Testing on Mac mini

TestFairy needed reliability to ensure their code would perform flawlessly, and they're using a Mac mini at MacStadium to ship out bulletproof code. We got their mini story from TestFairy Co-founder, Yair Bar-On.

Benepass - CI on Mac mini at MacStadium

Benepass: iOS CI with Mac mini

Benepass set up their iOS CI pipeline using a Mac mini at MacStadium. We spoke with the lead engineer and chief technology officer at Benepass to see how they leveraged their mini to grow their business.

Screenshots and logos of open-source iOS libraries

5 Outrageously Popular Open-Source iOS Libraries

Reusable code that follows industry standards is important for delivering projects quickly and maintaining a code base with multiple collaborators. We’ve put together this list of popular open-source libraries for iOS.