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Xcode 12.5 now requires Big Sur - What’s new in this release?

Upgrading to Xcode 12.5 now requires Big Sur. What does that mean for your team? In this post, we give you insights into the new Xcode and iOS SDK.

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Iconscout: Developing on Mac mini for Windows Developers

Iconscout needed a way to develop plugins for Mac apps, and keep everything running well in their CI pipeline. They looked to MacStadium to help get things started. Read their story now.

RELAY FM uses flexible, shared, remote Mac minis.

Relay FM: Flexible, Shared Remote Mac mini Access

Relay FM never wanted to be limited in what they could do with a machine, so they selected a Mac mini at MacStadium, allowing them to basically do anything these needed, all with the power of macOS in the cloud.

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MacStadium Sees 3x Increase in Utilization as Developers Work From Home

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many of us are finding new ways to collaborate online with our coworkers. At MacStadium, we've noticed a huge increase in utilization.

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OS X 10.9 & 10.10 Bugs & Network ARP Issues

Several weeks ago, we have obtained a working patch which corrects this condition for 10.9.x and 10.10.x. It is our understanding that this patch will eventually be incorporated into a future version of OS X 10.10.x Mavericks.

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1,500 Mac mini servers can't be wrong!

We just completed inventory, and had a few moments to reflect on the fun journey we have had here at MacStadium since we first got our start in early 2012.

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How to Install Minecraft Server onto Mac mini

Installing a Minecraft server on a Mac is slightly more involved than on a Windows machine; however, the process is very simple when following our step-by-step video!

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