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M1 and Kubernetes... Together at Last!

We're excited to share a preview of Orka running on M1 nodes, in a hybrid cluster with Intel machines, managed by our Jenkins plugin. Check it out and sign up to be a beta participant.

GitHub Actions Workflows

Run GitHub Actions Workflows on Single-Use Mac VMs in Orka

Learn how to convert a GitHub Actions workflow to run on single-use Mac VMs in Orka in this blog post.

thumb_Sharing Variables_GitHub Actions

Sharing Variables Between Jobs in GitHub Actions

Level up your GitHub Actions workflows with this guide to controlling the order of execution of jobs in a workflow and passing variables from one job to the next within the workflow.

How ToDevelopment
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Learn fastlane for macOS and iOS CI/CD With These Great Resources

We’ve put together this list of the best fastlane resources to make it easy for you to get started with automating the deployment of iOS and macOS apps.


Making Sense of xcodebuild Arguments

Xcode projects, workspaces, targets and schemes -- better understand what each of these arguments means in an xcodebuild command.

Orka on Monterey

macOS 12 Monterey Beta Available on Orka v1.5.4

The macOS Monterey beta just dropped for developers last week, and you can already test with it on Orka. Learn how in this post.

Xcode Cloud on a MacBook Pro

New from Apple – CI/CD with Xcode Cloud

Announced at WWDC21, Xcode Cloud brings continuous integration and delivery into the hands of Xcode developers. Learn what we know so far as beta starts this week.

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Flaky CI Tests: Costs, Causes and Solutions

Flaky CI tests can hurt developer confidence, and ultimately your team’s bottom line. Learn about common causes of flaky tests and how to resolve them.

Mailplane app screenshot

Mailplane: Building an all-in-one Gmail app on a Mac mini

Mailplane allows you to easily manage your Gmail account with an all-in-one macOS app. Learn how Mailplane uses a Mac mini to build, test, and run analytics for their popular app.