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Choosing Your MacStadium Data Center Location

MacStadium has data centers in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley and Dublin, Ireland. Learn about latency and how it may play into your choice of a data center location with MacStadium.

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Illustration showing multi-device testing and QA

Simulators, Emulators, and Devices -- Which is right for your Mobile CI Builds?

How are you testing your apps? In this blog post, we discuss the pros and cons of three different forms of testing: simulators, emulators, and physical devices.

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Cirrus Insight: Access to Mac Software For Testing and Service with Mac mini

Cirrus Insight uses its Mac mini and MacStadium account to ensure its software is usable on all platforms and solve customer problems.

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Sticker Mule and MacStadium: Mac mini with 24/7 customer service

No matter what your use case, MacStadium can help build an environment for you - just like we do for the company keeping your laptops from being naked, Sticker Mule.

Digital security for private Mac clouds at MacStadium

How MacStadium Provides World-Class Security

Whether your team is big or small, MacStadium offers the same level of security for all of our customers. See what CISO Darrell Stinson has to say about what his team has done for security at MacStadium.

architecture, urban, and interior design firm in Germany_Hauserpartner

Hauserpartner: Mac mini for MDM, Mac Pro for power

Architecture, urban, and interior design firm hauserpartner needed a platform to test on multiple versions of macOS and to move to the cloud quickly after COVID-19. Read how they did it with a mini at MacStadium.

Github Actions with MacStadium hardware

Why Use GitHub Actions with MacStadium Hardware?

GitHub Actions, first released in 2019, is a free CI/CD system baked into GitHub. Grab your GitHub repo and see what you can do with GitHub Actions and your MacStadium hardware.

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Big Sur on 2012 Mac mini?

Can you run Big Sur on a 2012 Mac mini?

Excited to upgrade to Big Sur? Read this first. We discuss compatibility and provide useful information on how to upgrade to the latest macOS.

Big Sur

Developers, Big Sur, and Vindication

Apple has updated the macOS software license agreement for Big Sur, going from 15 sections to 16 sections. This doesn’t happen very often... Brian Stucki, MacStadium's Apple Evangelist, shares his thoughts what this means for all of us.