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How to Run Azure Self-hosted macOS Agents on Apple M1 Mac minis with MacStadium

Learn how to upgrade your Azure DevOps Pipelines build infrastructure to a self-hosted build agent running on an M1 Mac mini hosted by MacStadium.

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Orka and GitLab logo

Orka Integrations: GitLab CI/CD with MacStadium's Orka

GitLab CI/CD is a powerful tool for Mac and iOS CI, and it doesn’t require a third-party build server. We’re taking you through everything you need to get the our GitLab CI/CD plugin running on your Orka instance.

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thumb_Sharing Variables_GitHub Actions

Sharing Variables Between Jobs in GitHub Actions

Level up your GitHub Actions workflows with this guide to controlling the order of execution of jobs in a workflow and passing variables from one job to the next within the workflow.

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thumb_Mac Startup

Automating Login and Startup Events in macOS

Learn how to use the Automator app and launchd to control automated startup and login actions on macOS.

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VMware vSphere client screen

How to Log into your vCenter Instance with MacStadium

Learn how to securely connect to a VMware environment at MacStadium, which offers the latest stable version of the VMware ESXi hypervisor on dedicated hardware.

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Screenshot showing Jenkins hosts

Setting Up a MacStadium Hosted Mac mini as a Jenkins Build Agent

Follow this simple guide to add a MacStadium hosted Mac mini as a build agent to an existing Jenkins master.

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Github Actions Self-Hosted Runner for iOS CI, MacStadium

GitHub Actions Self-Hosted Runner for iOS CI at MacStadium

Learn how to set up a GitHub Actions self-hosted runner on a macOS compute resource hosted by MacStadium for simple, secure iOS and macOS CI.

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Screenshot of the presentation for GPU Passthrough & Virtualization with Mac Private Clouds

GPU Passthrough & Virtualization with Mac Private Clouds

Do you need to configure GPU passthrough for your virtual machine? Our recent webinar includes step-by-step instructions for Orka, VMware, and Anka.

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Optimize your build agents

Simple Optimizations for macOS and iOS Build Agents

Unlock your iOS and macOS CI build hardware’s full potential with these simple, free, automatable optimizations.

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