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M1 and Kubernetes... Together at Last!

We're excited to share a preview of Orka running on M1 nodes, in a hybrid cluster with Intel machines, managed by our Jenkins plugin. Check it out and sign up to be a beta participant.

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Optimize Image Size and Disk Usage in Anka

Learn how Anka is similar to Docker, and how you can leverage those similarities for CI/CD pipeline efficiency in this post.

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MacStadium Cloud Access Now in Beta

Our first product powered by Teradici PCoIP, MacStadium Cloud Access, is now available in beta.

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Orka on Monterey

macOS 12 Monterey Beta Available on Orka v1.5.4

The macOS Monterey beta just dropped for developers last week, and you can already test with it on Orka. Learn how in this post.

Optimize your build agents

Simple Optimizations for macOS and iOS Build Agents

Unlock your iOS and macOS CI build hardware’s full potential with these simple, free, automatable optimizations.

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SwiftUI logo

SwiftUI is Coming on Strong in the iOS World

The results of the 2020 iOS Developer Community Survey are out, we’re investigating the rise in popularity of SwiftUI over the past year and what's driving this change.

Big Sur and ESXi

How To Upgrade to macOS Big Sur in Your VMware Cloud

If you are virtualizing macOS in VMware, it may be time to upgrade your environment. Xcode 12.5 is out in beta, and we have a rundown of the compatible VMware versions, and the steps to take to upgrade to them.

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Big Sur background with Xcode icon

Xcode 12.5 now requires Big Sur - What’s new in this release?

Upgrading to Xcode 12.5 now requires Big Sur. What does that mean for your team? In this post, we give you insights into the new Xcode and iOS SDK.

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Five GitHub Repos to Level Up Your Swift Skills

As developers, we know you’re always working to level up your skills. We’ve got some of our favorite (and your favorite) repos for Swift.