Cloud Access, Powered by Teradici: Remote Mac Desktops

Learn how media and entertainment professionals can leverage MacStadium Cloud Access, powered by Teradici, for a high-performance remote desktop experience running on dedicated Apple hardware.

man working with remote desktop

In May, we announced a partnership with Teradici. By joining forces, MacStadium is able to offer a new solution for our customers - Cloud Access, Powered by Teradici. Cloud Access combines Teradici’s award-winning PCoIP® with MacStadium’s cloud-hosted Mac infrastructure. Together, this solution provides a high-performance remote desktop experience that runs on dedicated Apple hardware.

Cloud Access delivers smooth, low-latency display streams for both CPU and GPU-intensive workloads. This is ideal for media and entertainment professionals such as artists, editors, developers, producers, and designers, who can benefit greatly from Teradici’s display protocol combined with MacStadium cloud-hosted Mac hardware. Cloud Access enables creative professionals to work remotely from anywhere in the world with the resolution, sound, and color fidelity required to do their jobs without sacrificing security and performance.

Recently, MacStadium’s CTO Chris Chapman and Teradici’s Solutions Architect Jack Liu presented a webcast about Cloud Access. Check out the webcast recording below to learn more about Cloud Access and how remoting your Mac desktop can set you up for success.

Want to learn more about MacStadium Cloud Access? Contact one of MacStadium’s sales engineers.