M1 and Kubernetes... Together at Last!

We're excited to share a preview of Orka running on M1 nodes, in a hybrid cluster with Intel machines, managed by our Jenkins plugin. Check it out and sign up to be a beta participant.

Orka on M1 screen

We know many of you have been waiting for a viable macOS virtualization solution in order to fully migrate your Mac build pipeline to M1 machines, and Orka on M1 will help make that a seamless process. Orka supports M1 and Intel nodes in the same cluster, and you can use our Jenkins plugin to automate your M1 builds the same way you do with Intel-based hardware.

Orka is the only virtualization platform that uses Kubernetes to orchestrate macOS VMs, and with the launch of Orka on M1 we're excited to announce a new feature that further extends the power of Kubernetes in your Orka cluster. Orka M1 users will be able to affect and control Orka pods/VMs with native Kubernetes command line arguments. For example, in the tech preview video, we use kubectl to start up Safari inside a running VM on the M1 node.

In this tech preview, you'll also see:

  • An Orka cluster running live, controlled by the Orka UI
  • Both Intel and M1 nodes side-by-side in a mixed cluster
  • Intel and ARM-based VMs spun up on appropriate nodes
  • The beta version of Monterey running on an M1 node
  • The Orka Jenkins plugin using M1 nodes

Check out the video below, and if you're interested in participating in the beta of Orka on M1, let us know!