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April 06, 2016

2016 is already full of excitement for our team at MacStadium. Read on for the highlights about our growth, new funding, and acquisition of Macminicolo.


In February, we soft-launched our Dublin, Ireland data center allowing you to subscribe to a Mac mini in Europe. Our customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have already taken advantage of the new location. US customers are also jumping on board to have a second location either for redundancy or to have services closer to an audience overseas with higher speeds and low latency.

While we continue to ramp up our offerings in Dublin we’d love your feedback. We appreciate every customer who has already opened a subscription in Dublin; we’ll continue to improve so your experience should only get better with MacStadium. More details about our Dublin data center and a more formal announcement will be coming in the next few weeks.

New Funding

After a lot of prep work in March, April brings great tidings. We are excited to have worked with a great team at Silicon Valley Bank to secure a multi-million dollar IaaS credit line.  What does this mean for us? Well, we’re growing. We’ve more than doubled in size this past 12 months.

With this credit line from SVB, we can continue growing to support the customers that have made it possible in the first place. We partnered with Rabbit last fall to help an awesome startup build something that hasn’t been done before.

Long-term, we’d like to support more of our customers no matter where they are in the world. This credit raise will improve our ability to support customers with unique requests and have more staff available at all locations and all hours of the day. Growth also leads into…


After a great few months meeting and getting to know the team at Macminicolo, we couldn’t be more excited that they’re coming on board at MacStadium. While we work out the merger details, Macminicolo customers can rest assured they’ll receive the same amazing support that they’ve always received with additional benefits.

Brian Stucki, the founder of Macminicolo, has shared a great announcement post on the Macminicolo blog about the merger that is a fantastic example of leadership in business and life. Few companies can boast such a happy and long-lasting customer base—some have been with Macminicolo since its launch a decade ago. Our goal is to continue providing the best experience for customers no matter what type of service they need.

One of the first benefits this merger has allowed for is an aptly named ‘Impossible Promo’ at Macminicolo. Customers will have access to a Mac mini (or multiple minis) in any of three different locations (Las Vegas, Atlanta, or Dublin) at an incredibly low price. Deals like this don’t come around often.


If you have questions for us, open a live chat, or support ticket. You can also contact Macminicolo to learn more about their promotion. Both of us are available on Twitter as well: @MacStadium, @macminicolo. Stay tuned in the next few weeks (or as long as you'd like) to learn more about the exciting plans we'll both have to offer. That is if we can top the impossible offer.

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