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December 03, 2020

It's no secret that Mac and iOS applications and, in turn, the infrastructure that supports their creation, has seen enormous growth in recent years. While MacStadium has been charting this course since the company’s inception more than eight years ago, other players in the cloud computing space have taken notice and joined the proverbial party. Most notably, AWS recently announced the availability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Mac instances for macOS built on Gen4 i7 Mac minis.

The Apple ecosphere is constantly evolving. New machines and OS versions are released at breakneck speed, and MacStadium has always been at the forefront of this exciting landscape. When Apple announced the new Mac mini with its own M1 chip, MacStadium was one of the first to receive a large quantity of various M1 configurations. Customer orders for our M1 minis are being filled this week, making MacStadium the first to market in providing this powerful new machine in a private cloud environment. (Want to get your hands on M1 minis as they become available in our data centers? Secure your spot on our early release list here. The demand will certainly outpace supply until Apple production catches up.)

Our dedication to building innovative cloud solutions for the Mac developer community is stronger than ever. We have over 3,000 customers around the world that rely upon MacStadium each day, but if you are just learning about us for the first time, you may be asking “who is MacStadium?”

Established Industry Leader

MacStadium has been solely focused on providing our customers with customized Apple-centric solutions for nearly a decade. We provide Mac cloud infrastructure to companies like Capital One, Pandora, Dropbox, and Shopify, and we power popular Mac app development tools such as Homebrew, GitHub, Node.js, and Jamf.

In 2018, Apple featured MacStadium in its keynote announcing the latest version of the Mac mini. During the event, Tom Boger, Apple’s Sr. Director of Mac Product Marketing, called MacStadium’s Mac-based cloud infrastructure “the very definition of mission-critical.”

Mac Specialist

As recently described by CNBC, MacStadium is known as the “Mac specialists” in cloud computing. We actively participate in and influence the Apple ecosystem and have been a part of it since day one. We care about Apple because Apple is all we do. We build solutions to empower Apple technology and its use in the world.

Over the years, MacStadium has racked all Mac server hardware in our data centers – everything from the Xserve to the new M1 mini. We even experimented with racking the iMac Pro for our customers that wanted the most cutting-edge technology available at the time accessible in the cloud (and it was quite the sight to see). Today, we continue to support a wide variety of Mac form factors, versions, and configurations. Our hardware can be installed with, and we provide help for, all supported versions of macOS. Have a unique Mac question? Let us know… our certified support techs have seen and heard it all.

Authority in macOS Virtualization

MacStadium is the only cloud provider to support and scale virtualization solutions on Mac hardware. In addition to offering VMware-powered Mac clouds, MacStadium has created Orka, our own virtualization layer built on Docker and Kubernetes technology. Orka is the first and only solution for orchestrating macOS in a cloud environment for Apple development on Apple hardware. In addition, our in-house development team creates and supports integrations with our solutions to the most popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Buildkite, GitLab, GitHub, and TeamCity.

Infrastructure Innovator

With data centers in the US and Europe, MacStadium runs one of the largest custom network architectures in the world – all dedicated to Mac solutions. Our Apple hardware is housed and managed in MacStadium’s proprietary rack infrastructure, designed and patented by our team of data center experts. Our Mac servers are connected by state-of-the-art spine/leaf network architecture supporting 200Gbps east/west traffic. We can support – and welcome! – custom hardware configurations, and we can provide colocation services for your servers and network storage.

Security Expert

Security is a top priority at MacStadium, and we have made significant investments to create the most secure systems, processes, and networks to protect our customers' data and infrastructure. MacStadium’s world-class security posture is validated through internationally accepted frameworks such as ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018, SOC 1 and 2 Type 2, and GDPR compliant practices. Our Tier 3+ data centers have experienced zero breaches, allowing our customers to trust us with their intellectual property, their crown jewels. MacStadium computing environments are highly configurable, from simple internet access to completely isolated, locked-down physical infrastructure.

Your Partner in Mac App Development

Most importantly, MacStadium is made up of engineers, architects, developers, and support staff that are dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations. Our 24x7 support team includes on-call engineering, remote hands support, an online service center, and more… and, yes, you can actually speak to humans! We understand Apple DevOps and why it is very different from DevOps as a whole, and our coaches are available to help you adapt your DevOps practices for Mac.

All over our website, we have stories about customers with unique use cases and how MacStadium worked closely with their teams to solve infrastructure problems or improve speed or efficiency. One such customer is Brazilian food delivery service, iFood, who recently moved their iOS and Android builds to MacStadium (the Android build had been with AWS), improving their build times by 40% just by migrating to MacStadium. Or AppDynamics, who needed to migrate to MacStadium and our Orka virtualization platform quickly when an air conditioning failure caused them to lose access to an entire fleet of Macs. Working together, we were able to get their Orka environment deployed by the end of that day, ensuring minimal downtime.

If you need secure, reliable, scalable Mac infrastructure, MacStadium can provide a highly customizable cloud solution to meet your team's needs, now and in the future. We’d love to talk to you about what that looks like for your organization. Reach out and talk to one of our sales engineers today to see how MacStadium can help.

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