Meet the New MacStadium Cloud

We're excited to launch our new website that not only provides a fresh, new interface to our company, but also introduces new products, services, and a growing customer portal.

New MacStadium website screen

After months of hard work, we’re excited to present a new and improved website that embodies our dedication to providing our customers with innovative cloud products and services specifically designed for the Apple ecosystem.

Of course, we wanted to make our website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly, but we also wanted to focus the site on you – providing one place where you can find solutions to all of your Mac cloud needs. Whether you’re moving your iOS app development workflow to the cloud, or you need to provide Mac desktops to your growing remote workforce, MacStadium has a cloud solution built on genuine Apple hardware to meet your unique needs.

Visit our new Solutions area to get recommendations for your specific use case or industry. We have services tailored to Mac app development and DevOps teams, startups, and platform service providers. We’re also experienced in designing private clouds for developer tools, financial institutions, game builders, schools, and more.

We’re particularly proud of how our customers are leveraging the MacStadium cloud, our growing network of partners, and our vibrant open source community. We also have resources and plugins available to help integrate your existing pipeline or cloud services with MacStadium, and a Community Slack channel to chat with other MacStadium users.

And this is only the beginning. With this website release, we are also kicking off the first of many changes to our customer portal. Over the coming weeks, you’ll notice not only a new portal UI, but the addition of more services and functionality to better create, manage, monitor, and grow your MacStadium cloud. We also have some great new product releases on the way – follow our blog or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Have fun exploring the new site! We hope you like these changes and welcome any questions, suggestions, feedback, or comments. Contact us via the website or email

We would like to thank our partner, Monogram, for their efforts in helping bring this website to life. We couldn’t be more excited about the innovation and technology used to build our site. (Stay tuned… there’s a case study in the works that will share more about what’s going on under the hood!)