Orka Plugins Rundown: Part 2

These three plugins are the most recent additions to Orka, and have all been greeted warmly by folks who are using them already. Check out how Orka integrates with your CI pipeline (part 2).

Last week, we looked at the first half of our Orka plugins collection. And today, we’re back to share the rest of the lineup as promised! These three plugins are the most recent additions to the bunch, and have all been greeted warmly by folks who are using them already. Actually, we created several of these plugins at customer requests, so they’ve been our guinea pigs!


Teamcity logo

JetBrains has created another standout in TeamCity, a free, open-source Enterprise CI/CD platform. As with all managed services, their users wield significant control over all facets of their continuous integration processes. Among its many powerful features are the opportunity to define up to 100 build configurations and to run three concurrent build agents.


GitHub Actions:

Github logo

GitHub has recently released their own CI runner – under the name GitHub Actions. This is a self-hosted automation server that is configured to watch your GitHub repo and kick off a build every time you execute a predefined action, like committing to the repository.


Helm (& Tiller):

Helm logo

Helm is a super powerful way to deploy packages to a Kubernetes cluster (like you’ll find underlying MacStadium’s Orka). It offers a simple interface that consists of a chart (a fun nautical name for a resource definition file), a repository that houses your charts, and finally a release, which is simply an instance of a given chart. And with the removal of Tiller, historically used to launch K8s pods, Helm 3 now supports all the modern security, identity, and authorization features of modern Kubernetes.


Bonus - Tekton:

Tekton logo

We’ve had users running Tekton tasks on Orka, as recently tweeted by @lorenc_dan (who promises to share docs and code soon!).

There is no shortage of good choices in this space. Self-hosted or service, open-source or proprietary, whatever your team’s goals, you’ll find a simple path forward to CI with Orka and MacStadium. Need a plugin that wasn’t mentioned in this series? Let us know!