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Enterprise-grade Mac Cloud compute


macOS virtualization with Orka


Mac remote desktop solutions

Mac hosting and macOS virtualization expertise

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Everything you need to build, test, and deploy with macOS in the cloud

MacStadium brings DevOps to macOS, enabling application development at scale.


Mac Cloud Infrastructure

MacStadium Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) eliminates capital expenses with genuine Apple Macs in racks, dedicated to you, in one of our global MacStadium data centers.

Get all the benefits of powerful Mac hardware without the maintenance headache or surprise bills.


macOS Virtualization with Orka

Automate and optimize your Mac cloud resource usage with virtualized macOS on demand.

Orka allows you to quickly deploy ephemeral VMs based on saved custom images for everything from simple Xcode builds to fully integrated, automated CI/CD pipelines.