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Create the tools used to create Mac apps

Every day, Mac and iOS developers depend upon the tools built and provided by MacStadium customers. If you have a platform, plugin, or program for devs in the Apple ecosystem, MacStadium is here to help.

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Partner with MacStadium for

Access to the latest and greatest hardware

Apple delivers new hardware and OS releases at breakneck speed. Most recently, shifting to their own Apple silicon. MacStadium strives to be the first to get new Apple machines and provide them in a cloud environment for our customers. Always have access to the newest technology without the stress of buying, managing, and maintaining the hardware yourself.

…and the older stuff too

Even as you’re building for the latest technology, you also have requirements for backward compatibility and testing on legacy hardware and previous versions of macOS. MacStadium has the largest collection of Mac models and form factors (there’s even an Xserve in the back). We can provide your team with diverse configurations to meet your needs.

Expertise in Mac DevOps

Mac is all we do and we’ve been doing it for nearly a decade. We have a team of architects, developers, and evangelists that are experts in not only Apple hardware but also macOS virtualization and Mac DevOps. Our solution engineers can help you create the perfect cloud environment and suggest best practices for speed, efficiency, and scalability.

Virtualization, storage, and more

Level up your Mac cloud by adding a Cisco firewall, high-performance NVMe SAN storage, high-fidelity remote access with PCoIP, and a virtualization platform built for macOS. Benefit from our enterprise-grade security, fast network traffic, and site-to-site connectivity. MacStadium has everything you need to orchestrate your Mac build, test, and deployment pipeline.

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MacStadium delivers automated, high-performance, reliable, and secure Apple infrastructure to the most popular CI, testing, and platform as a service providers. Let us help you deliver your service to Mac users.

Stable and secure

Build on Mac cloud infrastructure in enterprise-grade data centers with ISO, SOC, and both the EU-US and Swiss-US Data Privacy Framework.

Fast and ephemeral

Leverage the widest available selection of macOS virtualization options with repeatable, single-use VMs on demand.


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