Faster iOS build & test. Powered by high-performance bare metal Macs

Leverage the full power of macOS compute resources with graphics-optimized virtualization, scalable storage, and high-throughput network connectivity.

Fast, flexible, scalable

Each team or project may require different build infrastructure for organizational or technical reasons. MacStadium’s highly customizable Mac clouds allow each team to get resources that match their needs.

Mac hardware

MacStadium can build a Mac cloud to meet your performance needs. From the latest Apple silicon to high-performance Mac Studios, we'll create an environment for your developers to do their best work.


Add a virtualization layer to orchestrate and maximize your build and CI pipeline. MacStadium offers all macOS virtualization platforms and each one can support the GPU performance needed for creative development.


From fast, high-quality performance SAN for production and caching to NFS volumes for large data stores or artifacts, configure a storage solution that meets your workflow needs.


Get the speed you need without surprise billing. We offer flexible and simple network bandwidth and data transfer pricing. Decrease latency further by utilizing direct connect to ensure that valuable time isn’t wasted moving large files back and forth across the internet.

Mac clouds built for game development

Having worked with many studios, we’ve learned that game developers have unique requirements. Whether you’re building a single iOS game or provide an enterprise-level gaming platform, MacStadium can support your team.

GPU performance

Whether you are building on bare metal or virtualization, you can still get the GPU performance that you need for graphic-intensive development, testing, and QA. GPU passthrough is available on all three of our macOS virtualization solutions, and MacStadium Cloud Access allows for high-performance PC-over-IP connectivity with high-fidelity resolution, sound, and color.

Intellectual property protection

We know that restricting access to your development environment is critical, so we take every precaution to ensure our customers’ security. Customers have root access to dedicated, private hardware and firewalls. Furthermore, we invest in the highest security certifications that match cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Unreal and Unity engines

You have complete control of your hardware to install any dependencies, engines, or assets. Using genuine Apple hardware means you will have no issues with testing and QA, packaging, or code signing. With access to Mac minis, Mac Studios, or Mac Pros and various virtualization options, you can tune your environment for peak performance.

Talk to an expert

Learn more about how MacStadium helps game developers by speaking with one of our gaming-focused sales professionals.

Bare metal

We can configure a bare metal cloud to meet your needs - from high-performance Mac Pros to Apple silicon or Intel Mac minis.

Fast and ephemeral

Leverage the widest available selection of macOS virtualization options with repeatable, single-use VMs on demand.


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