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A MacStadium special just for iOS Developers

We’re happy to sponsor the iOS Developers newsletter. Welcome to MacStadium!

We’d love to help you find the perfect Mac infrastructure for your needs. We have rental Mac minis available right now in three diverse locations. We always offer a 24 hour trial for new customers, but for readers of the newsletter, just use coupon “IOSDEVHQ” for a full month of free use.

We also offer private cloud products where you can have multiple Macs, flash storage, firewalls, and automate virtual machines. From a single Mac Pro to hundreds, we have you covered. We’re especially experienced at providing continuous integration solutions on Mac for iOS testing. All private clouds include a free two week trial.

If now isn’t a good time, you can keep up with us @MacStadium on twitter or signup to receive an email when we do future promotions. Feel free to contact us with any more questions.


About MacStadium

Trusted by thousands of software developers around the world, MacStadium provides dedicated Mac hardware and private cloud for iOS and OS X app development and automated testing at scale. With thousands of Macs in multiple data centers, they are the primary Mac hosting company in the world.